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Times Higher Education World Education Rankings 2020 announced

Press Release: December 10, 2019

The Times Higher Education, in partnership with Elsevier, released its yearly World University Rankings for 2020. The list includes approximately 1,400 universities from 92 different countries, and expects to help future college students around the globe find the best of the best regarding higher education.

Body : The World University Ranking is currently the largest and most diverse listing, contemplating 13 demanding indicators to measure each college’s teaching program in aspects such as research, knowledge transfer and its international outlook. The Times Higher Education holds the only university ranking that’s independently audited by a professional firm (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

For the fourth year in a row the first place has been taken by University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom. Second place, however, now belongs to USA’s The California Institute of Technology (CalTech); rising three places thanks to its improving science programs. To close the top 5 Universities in the world we see University of Cambridge (UK) in third place, Stanford University (US) in fourth and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT- (US) comes in fifth. Also in the top ten appear Yale, Harvard and the Imperial College London.

This year’s World University Ranking is a true testament of how global higher education has grown considerably as a sector; ++with the number of universities around the world doubling. People everywhere are looking for higher education, with the gross enrolment ratio increasing from 19 per cent to 34 per cent in the past 15 years. [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. 2014]

Leaving aside the US, which is always very well represented in the ranking; many countries have shown improvement by ranking higher this year or entering the ranking for the first time. China holds the two top universities in Asia (Tsinghua and Peking universities), Canada’s picks have risen considerably on the table and Italy’s top colleges making their way into the top 200.

Iran has proudly added 11 more institutions into the ranking, having now a total of 40 universities on the table; and Brazil has also added several more colleges into the list, showing how higher education has more influence and presence than ever.

But The World University Rankings 2020 not only belong to the usual countries. This year, regions like Brunei, Malta, Cuba, Montenegro, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and even Bangladesh (who makes a return) are joining with institutions representing them.

The Times Higher Education is a worldwide trusted institution by students, teachers, governments and industry experts alike. The expanding student numbers and universities in the world are taking notice of this ranking, and colleges are working hard to produce more research papers per academic each year in several different fields, giving students and applicants the most complete textbook guides, establishing partnerships with international institutions, building more and better infrastructure and securing more funds from several sources to keep their talent at home.
According to The Times Higher Education: “The 2020 World University Rankings are published to provide a clear insight into the shifting balance of power in global higher education”. Being a top college in the world is more than just providing proper assignment help, it’s about molding young adults for the future.

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