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Times Are Tough. Playsee Launches Ad Platform to Help Businesses Do Better Than Staying Afloat

Press Release: December 03, 2020

Playsee Ads delivers digital marketing solutions, supporting consumer-facing brands in reviving sales.

Who hasn’t suffered in the past year? Business owners who were especially impacted are actively looking to pivot their strategy and adjust to the new normal. Playsee Ads introduces location-based advertising, helping brands with physical stores maximize their marketing dollars and bring in more customers. 

With a simple design and flexible bidding model, Playsee provides users the ability to adjust their ad spend based on their marketing budget. Once ads are created, they appear in-app and are displayed to potential customers in the area. Using geo-targeting technology, Playsee delivers meaningful exposure for every dollar spent. 

According to Lawless Research (2019), “location-based targeting increases sales, campaign effectiveness, and consumer engagement for businesses.” With online adverts embedded in every corner, targeted ads based on the user’s location becomes exceedingly valuable for local businesses. Brands can increase meaningful touchpoints using Playsee Ads, to reach customers based on their interests and geo-relevance. 

From the Head of Product Development, Tim Krause shares that “the ad platform connects the dots between an offline demand for more customers and an online supply of potential leads within the vicinity of the business.” 

Playsee’s latest product release empowers small businesses with the tools to expand their local reach and revive sales without the hurdles and complexities of digital advertising platforms today. Users can leverage Playsee Ads to easily track, measure and optimize their marketing strategy, and put their brand in front of the right customers.

Visit business.playsee.co to learn more. 

About Playsee Launched in 2019, Playsee is a social media app with the mission to empower users to discover and share real experiences. With more than 10 million downloads and ranked top 10 on the Google Play social media chart, Playsee is currently optimized for iOS and Android operating systems and localized in 35 languages. 

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