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Timed-In Application | A Web Based Project and Timesheet tracking Application Launched by Vanguard Solution

Press Release: September 16, 2019

Timed-In Application | A Web Based Project and Timesheet tracking Application Launched by Vanguard Solution

In the era of digital transformation, everyone has to be smart enough to manage their Clients, Projects, Tasks, Expenses, Inventory and many more. A successful Organization needs to have a deep view of their business’ activities, what is going on and how we are doing. That's why Vanguard brings a new way to manage your business in a more precise and effective manner. We had launched a product which is developed with years of experience and seeing hurdles in the current business process. No matter in what kind of a business you are but it will help you in every sort of business whether you are in small business or in a large compound, every organization needs to track their client’s and projects’ activities. That is the core of the business’ operation that's where we did the breakthrough and came up with a revolutionary product called Timed-In. It helps you to keep track of your projects & their completion, your employees and their efficiency and you can also track expenses of your projects. Traditionally, this may take hours to perform manually, but this can only be done in a matter of minutes by using Timed-In.

One of the best feature of Timed-In is to Geo location tracking of your employee, this helps those who involved in on-ground activities like maintenance, construction or any on-ground service related work to track their activity in more accurate way. Timed-In is a web based application that means you can use it anywhere anytime where the Internet is available and it is accessible in any kind of device.

Following are key feature of the application,

• Ease of Use- Timed-In is task centric, all the data collected revolves around your task, Users inputs to closely monitor all aspects of your tasks. Helping you discover the inefficiencies of your team.
• Geo Location- Every Timed-In and Timed-Out will be Geo tagged, letting you track location and times which your team members arrived at locations and started being productive.
• Tracking- Imaging being able to track your Tasks in progress, your Employees locations, Materials purchased and their costs, inventory Items and track your materials to each tasks as they are being used. All This as it happens!
• Gantt Data- No more confusion in tracking the timelines for each project, Timed-In is here to help us in tracking the each Project Timelines visually i.e., in the form of Gantt charts wherein we can also save that gantt charts to our system data. If we have “N” number of projects and not able to track the timelines Timed-In will help in doing that in a very easy way.
• Chatter- Timed-In application has a separate messaging feed option wherein we can connect with users and also tag them and share the message for a single user or a multiple users, we can also attach the file along with the message and share it. We can edit and delete the shared message as well.
• 5 Level Deep Tracking- Parent Client–>Client–>Project–>Task–>Sub-Task
It comes with 5 Level Deep Tracking feature where we can track each and every step of users and the task assignees on a project. For a Parent client we can have a sub-client with a project and we can assign the task to the user as main task and in that we can also assign the sub-tasks. Timed-In allows us to track all these information in a very clear and visual form.

Dominic Beaulieu, CEO and Director of Vanguard Solution said that, this application is an idea from my experience I came from an industry where tracking the work activities is very much troublesome, it takes hour or sometime you missed an important deadline and all sorts of things which eventually influence your business, I started with an idea and we made Timed-In, I personally used this application for my business purpose and where I realized this could help other as well, we started working on a more matured and managed solution which may help any sort of business owner to manage their business activities. We are having a long list of features which we are adding in the application and you will be flourish to see the capabilities of Timed-In app. Our purpose is that an organization shouldn't need any other application when it comes to inventory, invoices, time tracking and other process, so in short Timed-In have everything which can be helpful for you in many ways.

Timed-In comes with a very attractive pricing structure and a discount for early birds who wants to try this application. It also offers a 30 Days free trial without any commitment which is pretty much satisfactory in terms of reviewing and see the capabilities of the application. So we advise you to give it a try for the betterment of your business.

About Timed-In: It is a Web cloud-based application which is used as a task tracking, Timesheet management, cost tracking, team communication, and material expense management tool. It offers an easy way to positively manage your Business, from wherever in the world. It comes with an overview of all the ongoing activities. You can accomplish your clients and the contacts. Generate tasks and assign employees to them. Everything is gracefully systematized in a Timesheet. It also helps managing the expenses by keeping track of the inventory stuffs, vendors and purchases. You can generate reports at any time regarding your needs.

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