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Time In is the New Going Out

Press Release: July 31, 2020

London 31/07/2020: As Britain faces uncertainty around the easing of Lockdown, and parts of the North of England face tighter restrictions, it seems that life is not quite ready to return to normal just yet.


In a survey conducted with over 300 parents in the UK, Little Signers Club has found that 95% of parents are struggling to find time for themselves, whilst a further 86% of parents are struggling to cope with the challenge of tantrums and tears from their stressed and anxious children.


In order to continue to support families through these challenges, Little Signers Club has released a self-led-learning online course, called ‘Time In Toolkit™’ which teaches parents how to help their little ones cope with the ‘big emotions’ they are feeling, as well as explaining social distancing and face coverings in a way which makes sense to young children and makes the changes and stress in the world much less frightening.


Shelley, Founder of Little Signers Club, says: “Some of the responses to our survey have been heartbreaking, with homes being transformed into an office, nursery and family space. They talk frequently about the lack of support, and fear of what lockdown is doing to their children’s mental health.”


Shelley and her team of highly trained Club leaders have been working online since 2019, but have moved all of their classes, around the UK and beyond, to Zoom since the beginning of March. Families have been learning BSL-based baby signing in a range of topics, from ‘weaning’ and ‘bed time’ to favourite children’s books and supporting literacy development. 

Yasmin, mum to 17month old Lara and 4 year old Zena, says: “'Time in Toolkit a beautifully put together resource, unbelievably valuable and worth every penny. Our babies would thank us, if they could, for giving them alternative opportunities to communicate and bond with us.”

The company is founded on the ethos of respectful and responsive parenting, and Shelley adds ‘It is more important than ever for parents to take time to really connect with their children, to listen to their fears and help them to understand their feelings. But equally, parents need to make time for themselves – to close the door and have a quiet 10 minutes away from the pressure of work and childcare and friends and family who need them. We have included tips and tools to help them do just that in our Toolkit, because we know just how tough it is to be a parent right now.’




Time In Toolkit™ is the latest in a series of courses and kits that are available online from the award winning Little Signers Club. 


Parents can sign up for the online pack here: https://littlesignersclub.simplero.com/products/111225-Time-In-Toolkit?ref=19528  


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About Little Signers Club



Little Signers Club delivers award-winning children’s books and BSL-based baby signing classes to thousands of families across the UK, and beyond, through its network of qualified, experienced and passionate leaders.


Founded in 2010 by Shelley, Little Signers Club’s mission is to help families unleash their children’s potential, giving them access to pre-verbal communication, supported and enhanced speech and language development, and gentle, nurturing, care as their grown-ups negotiate the world of parenting.


Built on an ethos of respectful and responsive parenting, and underpinned by a developmentally appropriate framework from ICAN, the Children's Communication Charity, Little Signers Club offers more than prescriptive sets of signs – it offers support, reassurance and friendship that sets families on course for a lifetime of love, laughter and connection.


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