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Three Perfectly Crafted Fashion Accessories - Male Fashion

Press Release: October 24, 2016

I am excited to confirm that the Kurtis Paul accessories are now available for purchase. The collection consists of three perfectly designed products; the 13″ minimalist laptop sleeve, wrap around pencil case and wide opening wash bag.

We take great pride in our products and have given each of these items the love and attention they deserve. We are proud of what has been achieved and would like to run you through the items in more detail.

13" LAPTOP SLEEVE (https://www.kurtispaul.com/product/13-leather-laptop-sleeve/)

It became a personal mission to create a laptop sleeve that is visually beautiful. Laptop manufacturers spend millions of pounds to make their laptops the most visual and sleek product available. Yet we are surprised at the number of people who purchase such items only to hide their design with ugly and bulky cases.

This was the starting point for our design team. We wanted to create a laptop sleeve which works with your laptop, enhancing its look whilst also providing protection from wear and tear. Understanding that laptops are now common in the workplace we wanted something which would not clash with formal wear and would fit comfortably within the boardroom setting.

Our laptop sleeve is made specifically for laptops of 13″, laptops such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The sleeve will comfortably fit any laptop up to the dimensions of 31.4cm x 21.9cm x 1.8cm. It has been crafted from a single piece of leather to limit the number of joins and create a minimalist, simple design. The top flap opens to allow your laptop to slide snugly inside.

Understanding how precious laptops are we refrained from covering the inside with any lining. Instead we have left the inside as natural leather allowing the fibres to provide a gentle cushion and limit resistance when your laptop is being inserted and removed.

The exterior of the case is a different story. We know that things don’t always go to plan and accidents happen so we chose a leather with a waxy finish. We wanted the sleeve to withstand natures elements and not get damaged in the rain. This waxy finish also allows the case to be easily wiped clean should it get dirty.

Finally we come to the colour. A natural dark brown was chosen to ensure the sleeve is not too bold and would complement the owner whether dressed in casual jeans or formal suit. We understand how your accessories are a reflection of you and as such chose a look which is classy, sophisticated and something to be proud of.

PENCIL CASE (https://www.kurtispaul.com/product/leather-pencil-case/)

Pencil cases have long been thought of as something our children take to school. They are childish products with bright colours and pictures of cartoon characters. It is our intent to change that.

The pencil case is a functional item which says a lot about its owner. It shows you are organised, prepared and hold high regard for your belongings. To demonstrate this point I want you to carefully watch the attendees of your next work meeting. There will be those who turn up with biros and others who show up with the expensive, metal cased pen. I bet the person with the expensive pen will be from higher management, this is no accident. That person did not get there by being slap happy, they have an attention to detail which allows them to get ahead.

When designing the pencil case we continuously thought back to this example. We wanted to design a product which demonstrated all the positive qualities of a leader.

Starting with the aesthetics we chose a simple design. We crafted the pencil case using a single sheet of leather, this was done to limit the number of joins and create a minimalist wrap around design. We removed the use of zips or buckles to finish with a item which is sophisticated and challenges the stigma of childish pencil cases. The flap wraps freely to close the case and a piece of leather string wraps around to secure your belongings.

We chose the same brown leather as used in our other accessories. We wanted the collection to work seamlessly together and be an extension of the next. The leather has a waxy finish which allows it to be easily wiped clean and reduce the possibility of damage.

The interior has left natural. We wanted to demonstrate the quality of the product create a pencil case which celebrated the true beauty of natural leather hide.

WASH BAG (https://www.kurtispaul.com/product/leather-wash-bag/)

At Kurtis Paul we constantly refer to ‘The Modern Gentleman’ during which we are describing a particular type of person. He is someone who holds himself in high regard, believes in himself and takes care of his personal appearance. The wash bag was developed based on this persona. There has been a significant rise in male grooming in the last few years and with this rise comes an increase in number of toiletries we use. We require somewhere to store all these toiletries and that is the role of the wash bag.

The design of the wash bag was given careful consideration. We wanted to create a product which looked good whilst also being functional. There is a common belief that fashion and function do not integrate well, but with this wash bag we think we have cracked it.

We were conscious of the amount of wear and tear a wash bag receives, naturally toiletries would leak and the bag would get wet. As such we lined the inside with a thick, water resistant fabric. Black was chosen to avoid the worry of staines and blemishes. The same leather as the other two accessories was used due to its hard wearing nature and increased thickness.

For those of you who have used a wash bag in the past you will understand the importance of access. Toiletries are crammed inside and we need access to them quickly. To overcome this challenge we designed the zip to be longer than the bag and the two tongues to be detach allowing the full accessibility.


We are delighted to announce the launch of these three items. We have taken great care and attention over their design to ensure you receive a product of the highest quality.

Should you have any questions which are not answered within this post feel free to contact us by email or on any of our social media profiles.


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