Press Release: April 13, 2010


World Leader in Motion Content Solutions Deploys Isilon Scale-out NAS to Power Hundreds of Thousands of Transcodes, Accelerating Time-to-Delivery while Reducing Operating Expenses

SEATTLE April 13, 2010 Isilon Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN) today announced that Thought Equity Motion, Inc., the world leader in digitizing, delivering and monetizing high-quality video content, has deployed Isilon scale-out NAS to power its rendition generation workflow, accelerating the transcoding of up to 200,000 files per week. With Isilon IQ, featuring its OneFS operating system, Thought Equity Motion has unified its transition, proxy and preview files onto a single, high performance, highly scalable, shared pool of storage, accelerating the transcoding of these files into a wide variety of media formats for customers including BBC Motion Gallery, HBO, NBC News, the NCAA and The New York Times. Using Isilon scale-out NAS, Thought Equity Motion has expanded its rendition pipeline to process more projects in less time, speeding time to delivery, while requiring less than one full-time equivalent (FTE) to manage the solution.
Our managed services drive monetization for our media customers by making their content accessible across a wide range of access points and delivery models, said Mark Lemmons, CTO, Thought Equity Motion. So of course, the ability to quickly and effectively transcode content into multiple formats is critical to our business and demands a high performance, highly reliable storage solution. Isilon is that solution an easy to use storage resource that scales on-demand to accelerate our operations, while reducing costs.
Thought Equity Motion provides managed services including asset management, digitization, backup, metadata management, curation and delivery for media companies and content rights holders, as well as content services for publishers and digital content producers. Prior to deploying Isilon scale-out NAS, the complexity, time-intensive management and rising costs associated with Thought Equity Motions traditional SAN system limited the performance of its rendition generation workflow, slowing project turnaround and increasing IT costs. With the need to transcode and store up to 18 terabytes (TB) of content per day, Thought Equity Motion needed a storage solution capable of cost-effectively scaling to meet increasing market demand and speed delivery of its managed Services.
Working with leading Isilon channel partner Datalink, Thought Equity Motion deployed the Isilon IQ X-Series and two Isilon IQ Accelerator performance expansion nodes to create a unified storage resource for all of its transcoding operations. By using Isilon IQ to power its rendition generation workflow, Thought Equity Motion has been able to better utilize its traditional SAN system, leveraging this resource for high-performance content ingest operations thereby maximizing the value of Thought Equity Motions existing storage infrastructure. Additionally, as Isilon IQ requires less than one FTE to manage, Thought Equity Motion has been able to reallocate valuable IT resources to higher order priorities, driving increased operating leverage across its business.
In todays media industry, content is king and the ability to monetize content is critical to business success, said Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing, Isilon Systems. Thought Equity Motion is delivering faster, more efficient and more effective ways to maximize the value of media assets and its use of Isilon IQ to accelerate its reduce costs and speed project time-to-delivery is another example of the compelling benefits Isilon scale-out NAS delivers for the next generation of media.

About Isilon Systems
Isilon Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN) is the proven leader in scale-out NAS. Isilons clustered storage and data management solutions drive unique business value for customers by maximizing the performance of their mission-critical applications, workflows, and processes. Isilon enables enterprises and research organizations worldwide to manage large and rapidly growing amounts of file-based data in a highly scalable, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective way. Information about Isilon can be found at http://www.isilon.com.

About Thought Equity Motion
Founded in 2003, Thought Equity Motion, Inc. is the world leader in digitizing, delivering and monetizing high-quality video content. Through its advanced platform, the company provides Managed Services for media companies and content rights holders, as well as Content Services for creatives, publishers and producers.
Thought Equity Motion works with the worlds leading media rights holders to provide a suite of Managed Services, which includes asset management, digitization, backup, metadata management, curation and delivery. Its Content Services include sports licensing, API-driven Contextual Media feeds, newswires and stock footage. Through these services, Thought Equity Motion enables leading-edge video uses, such as digital media vaults and production through metadata. Thought Equity Motion drives monetization for its media partners by making their news, sports, entertainment and creative footage accessible to digital content producers in advertising, marketing, film, television, online/broadband and education.
Video from Thought Equity Motions unparalleled library is seen globally every day in film, television, the Internet, digital signage, and mobile applications. The companys media partners include BBC Motion Gallery, NBC News, Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, HBO Archives, The New York Times, National Geographic, Sony Pictures, and the NCAA and its Content Services clients include the worlds leading advertising agencies, producers of entertainment, and publishers.
Headquartered in Denver, Thought Equity Motion has a digital refinery in Laramie, Wyo. and offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, London, Paris and Mumbai. Connect with Thought Equity Motion on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. For more information on licensing stock footage, call +1.720.382.2869.

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