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Thommen Medical - the dedicated dental implant experts

Press Release: November 21, 2020


The Swiss manufacturer

Since 1975 the Swiss manufacturer Thommen Medical produces dental implant systems of outstanding high quality and precision. In 1996 the company introduced cylindrical implants and continues to this day in a product development based on latest scientific findings. The standard of Thommen Medical is to offer the best dental implant system for each patient. This is possible through close cooperation with leading international dentists and academic institutions. From the headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland, the company manages a worldwide distribution with partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Swiss implantology

The dental implantology developped within the swiss industry is famous for its high precision and innovation. Tailored to the treatment concepts of leading clinicians, the Thommen Medical Implant Systems is based on a proven design that ensures safety and reliability. The product range with its highly reliable and aesthetic restorations is based on the Thommen Medical implant-abutment connection. It consists of a stabilizing ring and hexagon socket, small and high-strength abutment screws and a clever design of the abutment screw that offers protection against mechanical overload. Clinical longevity and high-class aesthetics are the results of this design. There are much more products and solutions Thommen Medical offers such as a MONO torque ratchet, the VECTOdrill, a guided surgery, Cad Cam restorations, mini dental implants and a digital workflow dentistry. All in common is their impressive precision for maximum safety, driven by science not trends.

Patient's benefit

With implant placements and restorations from Thommen Medical, patients experience an improved quality of life with regards to function and aesthetic which lasts a lifetime. Tooth replacements or dental implants affect the overall well-being. One can speak and chew better; a beautiful smile or laugh without any restrictions creates more confidence. Wether single or multiple tooth dental implants - with the superior product quality of Thommen Medical, the patient can rely on safety and user-friendliness. Thommen Medical implants are highly reliable and have an excellent success rate.

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