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This year's Halloween, trick 'n' treat at Faremart's favorite haunted spots

Press Release: October 28, 2020


Halloween is around the corner, and whether you are traveling, staying in, or spending time with your loved ones, there's a lot of spook-tacular places to be found all over the United States.

Faremart Travels has selected a few favorite haunted spots for our travelers to stroll on a thrilling journey. 

The LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

The place famous for its paranormal events, the LaLaurie Mansion, is the most haunted amongst the nation's uncanny city. Madame LaLaurie, a high-society lady with a whim for violence, used to kill a dozen slaves in the mansion's loft brutally. After the news of her immoral behavior got discovered, she ran to France, and nobody ever heard about her. The place is restricted for tours. 

Travel Advice - Travel restriction is removed from Louisiana's state and no quarantine requirements for travelers.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Since the hotel opened in Estes Park in 1909 by F.O. and Flora Stanley reportedly never left, taking inspiration after Stephen King's Fiction Overlook Hotel from The Shinning, the place experienced many creepy vibes and mysterious piano music.

Staff at the hotel stated that Mr. Stanley shows up in photos, and bags getting unpacked, lights turning on-off; the Stanley Hotel is said to the country's active ghost site.

The spookiest fact about the place is the guest bedroom's T.V. plays The Shinning on all channels for a 24-hours loop. 

Travel Advice - Book a room at the hotel for some ghostly adventure or book a day or a nighttime tour of the hotel. 

The Winchester Mystery House, California

The slumping mansion of Sarah Winchester reveals the heartbreaking story of a woman's misery turned to insanity. After losing her two newly born daughter and Husband William Winchester, a vast gun manufacturing family business.

Sarah inherited William's wealth and used the millions of dollars to build a limitless web of a home to get away from the spirits of people who killed her husband by using his gun and can never reach her.

The mansion has over 160 rooms and 47 fireplaces with 10,000 glass panels. 

Travel Advice - The mansion is open for visitors. Visit California's official site for travel guidelines due to Covid-19 before planning a trip. 

"Halloween isn't Halloween without treats, with Faremart even if it's different this year, we strive to give our best deals and offers on travel and flight booking to make your Halloween a spook-tastic occasion of the year" - Faremart Team.

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