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This Guy Built A Real Estate Website Using AI To Keep Brokers Away And Save Your Money

Press Release: December 11, 2020

If you are a young professional recently shifted to a new city, finding apartments and houses on rent can be an extremely frustrating and expensive affair. Frustrating because of the search for right place, and expensive because of brokers and middle men charging atrocious finder's fee.

One startup is trying to put an end to all of that. And it uses technology in a clever way to enhance its service experience.

Indian real estate is plagued by multiple issues two of which make the experience of finding the right house really difficult," explains Akhil Gupta. "The first one is information asymmetry and the second one is the huge amount of brokerage one has to pay to the broker. For ages, Indians have been paying huge amount in brokerage while renting or buying a property. Nowhere in the world do we pay such a huge amount only for seeing a few properties," he adds with frustration.


Akhil takes a lot of pride with the fact that while most real estate platforms help in discovery of property, no other platforms in the domain are 100% brokerage free -- apart from NoBroker.com, of course. If you are  looking for rent a flat  you can chooes flats for rent in Gachibowli


Using technology to help, not harass

NoBroker uses an algorithm that identifies and eliminates brokers from infiltrating the platform, through pattern recognition and some other proprietary magic. The website also lets people search listings with time as a metric rather than distance.

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