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This Chair Converts Into a Bulletproof Vest

Press Release: March 08, 2018

Practical Protection has engineered a convertible bulletproof vest that doubles as a portable stadium-style chair. The vest (and chair) can protect against handguns and even assault-rifle style weapons with the ballistic insert option.

The Ohio-based company, with satellites in Seattle & London, designs and manufactures protective equipment with secondary every-day functions.

The convertible vest is called Prydwen. The reason for its multi-functional design is to ensure users bring it with them to the same types of places where they would want protection.

“We wanted to make ballistic protection accessible to people who aren’t going to wear a bulletproof vest every time they leave the house”, company founder Aaron Ansel says.

The company is seeing an uptick in people who want to be involved with the launch campaign.

“We go live on Kickstarter on March 19th,” Ansel says. “The product should take three to four months.”

The decision to include an insert for an optional plate was an easy one. “Empowering our customers to be safe against the caliber of weapons we’re seeing used is incredible important”, Ansel says. “It’s in line with our goal of being an ethical company.”

The Prydwen vest will come in multiple sizes, and ranges in price from $90 to $115 for campaign backers. A discount will be available to early backers. Post-campaign versions are expected to retail for approximatey $160.

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