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This 3 Minutes Habit will Change your Life [Wonderful - Self-Esteem Diary App]

Press Release: August 02, 2020

Have you heard about Wonderful? It is a mobile app that helps you enhance your self-esteem and self-reflection.

With simple UI and functions, you can turn your focus toward yourself rather than others through using Wonderful. Especially, in this time of coronavirus, you may find consolation within your inner self rather than others. There are five different components in Wonderful: Saying, Question, Action, Story, and Mood.

Wait, what is Saying? Basically, Wonderful gives you quotes from famous people or movies about self-esteem or identity. Different quotes pop up on top of the main screen each day. You may think deeply about it or just pass by it.

The three main components are Question, Action, and Story.

Question is where you answer the daily question. Most of the time, it is about self-esteem or your opinion. You will get to answer a different question every day.

Action is where you simply answer your deeds of the day. It can be taking a break or standing up against injustice. But it can be as simple as drinking enough water or sleeping more than usual.

Once you complete answering Question or Action, you can see your response a year before. You can compare how your life has changed or how your thinking has altered or stayed the same.

Story is more about daily life. Who you met, what you talked about, when you woke up, why do you want that bread, etc. It is just a diary. You write about your day, which is a story.

All these words can be shared with others. By selecting to publish to the forum, other users can view your answer. Think of it as a gift to others. Many users in Wonderful have trouble with their self-esteem. Your words may be a surprising gift to others.

Last component of Wonderful is a mood. There are five moods you can choose. Sad, Angry, Happy, Soso, and Wonderful. I personally think it is a little difficult since your mood may change dramatically even in one day. Yet, think of it as an average.

Wonderful has a wonderful tool for users. You write each day, and when you click the top left icon, you can see how your life is recorded in Wonderful in that month. In calendar view, each day is colorized with little dots representing Question, Story, and Action.

Why not try Wonderful? Make your day wonderful with Wonderful.

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