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This 15 year old entrepreneur is changing lives on Instagram

Press Release: January 26, 2021

Lewis Barry is one of Instagram’s youngest Entrepreneurs. He has built several Instagram pages that accumulate to over 50k followers and hundreds of sales by his business. He has also worked with some large personalities on Instagram and people with hundreds of thousands of followers.
Because of his Instagram he has been able to live a life that many teens can only dream of. He believes social media companies are the way forward.
Instagram theme pages
He was not always successful. He came from the same place as a lot of us. He lived with his family and went to school but, instead of wasting his time, he took advantage of Instagram and began looking into theme pages at the age of 13. Just before his 14th birthday he took all the money he had made from a side job and invested into ebooks and courses. 
After a very short time he was able to grow 20,000 followers on one Instagram page and made a staggering £12,000 in a matter of months.
It is a true game changer. “Instagram theme pages”, in short, is where an average person starts a page in a lucrative niche (business, fitness etc.) and hires other people to create content for the page in exchange for a monthly fee payment that’s cheaper than the normal route of hiring employees. This means the work is very ‘hands off’ which allows the “CEO” to work ON the business, making it money, rather than IN the business.
In the beginning Lewis said “Until I purchased ebooks and courses to learn from, I had no idea how to do anything and did not know how to make money”. Once he had learned the monetisation process things became easy. Earning on Instagram is, putting it very simply; you have to sell a service or product to your audience. 
He told us that the best way to go into Instagram is to purchase some form of education on the topic and learn from people who are already where you want to be. 
Lewis is now dedicating his time to teach others about how they can grow and make a full time income on Instagram. Head over to his page @vividHustler to learn more. 

Follow Lewis Instagram page - https://instagram.com/vividhustler?igshid=clqlk0jb2xhp

Gain access to Lewis Instagram training program - https://gumroad.com/l/VividHustler

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