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Third Skin's Hy hidden wireless headphones approach Kickstarter success

Press Release: December 21, 2016

Birmingham, UK – After positive reactions from The Verge, Sound Guys and several other outlets worldwide, Third Skin are enjoying a great crowdfunding response to Hy, a pair of novel wireless earbuds that users can wear all day, hidden from sight, offering music, calls and access to information via voice commands - all without blocking their natural hearing. Hy is currently available through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Third Skin believes Hy is the first "hearable" (audio wearable) to fully realise the potential of personal audio. All previous headphones and hearables have either blocked ambient sound or relied on digital methods to pass through sound from the outside world. Hy is unique due to its patent pending hybrid wishbone earpiece, which leaves the ear canal completely open, producing excellent sound quality without obstructing natural sound.

Hy also includes a host of features in addition to playing back music and allowing phone calls, including heart rate and body temperature monitoring, compass and gyroscope to track head position and allow audio cues to be placed in 3D around the user. Plus, the "behind-the-ear" design allows a much larger battery than other leading hearables, allowing Hy to play back music continuously for over 12 hours, and under lighter use, last for days between recharging.

Described by James Vincent of The Verge as "a perfect example of where earphones are headed", Third Skin hopes that Hy represents an injection of disruptive thinking to the smart headphone market. Adam Molina, of soundguys.com has gone one step further, saying "the Hy earbuds could be the future of hearables".

Nick Hunn of WiFore consulting predicts "a faster move to wireless headphones, an acceleration in the take-up of earbuds, and the prospect of an overall market revenue exceeding $40 billion in 2020."

"Hy - hidden wireless earbuds you never have to take off" is currently taking orders on Kickstarter (visit http://kck.st/2hDlBiq for details) and is expected to ship in Q1 2018.

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