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Third of students would strip to fund their degree and lifestyle

Press Release: March 26, 2010

The UKs only student and employer matchmaking site, Studentgems.com asked 1,022 female university students if they would consider working in a gentlemens club, sell their time in an escort agency, or pose as a glamour model, to help fund themselves through their degree.

http://www.studentgems.com found that one third, 34%, of female students would consider working in a gentlemens club if they really needed more financial support whilst at university. However, only 3% said they would make a living out of the career once graduated.

Of those polled, 2% have worked a shift as an exotic dancer whilst studying for their degree. Of those that had, when asked Why did you choose to work in a gentlemens club? 48% said it was easy money and 19% said quick solution to financial problems.

1 in 20, 4%, said that they would work as an escort whist at university. Of those that would, 11% said they would consider spending the night with the client. 61% of those asked said they have felt desperate for money whilst studying; although 73% said they would never consider working as an escort.

56% of the female students asked would never consider taking off their clothes for money whilst at university. 18% of those asked know somebody that earned money whilst at university by working in an exotic dance club.

When asked Would you consider glamour modelling whilst studying for your degree if you were experiencing financial problems? 41% admitted they would, with only 12% saying definitely not. 72% said that they would model in their underwear if they needed extra money.

Sue Harrison, co-founder of Studentgems.com has said,

When students are away from home and trying to show their independence, they may well consider doing things that they dont really want to so they can afford their independent lifestyle.

It would be so much better for the students to work in a job they feel happy in as well as a job that would benefit their career once they graduate. This is the purpose of Studentgems.com, helping students get their foot in the industry door of work that is relevant to their future.

She concludes,

I hope that these young students are researching all their possible opportunities before committing themselves to a part time job that makes them unhappy. They must also understand that their own safety is of paramount importance and they should always avoid any jobs that could compromise that. Financing yourself through university can be a real challenge, but it also teaches great life lessons. Learning how to manage money will be worth it when the monthly wage packs start to arrive.


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Link: http://www.studentgems.com

Editors Notes

When two company directors needed a photographer for a project on a tight budget, they reasoned that a student would be able to do the job. They eventually found a student who did an outstanding job, gained valuable experience, was paid £300 and saved the directors an estimated £300 in the process.

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