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Things Students Should Know About Working In New Zealand

Press Release: October 01, 2015

Working as a student in New Zealand has certain rules and regulations. It is prudent to be aware of them even if the applicant is seeking for part-time employment. The student visa granted in New Zealand is needed for all individuals coming to the nation to pursue studies for more than three months. In this case, it should be noted that the primary focus of the visit should be studies.
Students can opt for a working holiday visa that allows them to study, travel or work for a limited time period. The approval of the visa depends on age and nationality. If the applicant has the sole intention to work in New Zealand, he/she should have the right visa.
For getting a student visa, the applicant should have sufficient money to meet living costs during study in New Zealand. It is important for the student to know how much money should be needed for studying in the nation. He/she is eligible for financial aid and scholarships from top universities in New Zealand too. There are many study aboard in New Zealand consultant companies with student counselors who will guide students through the whole process. It is a prudent and wise decision to contact them to get all the details.
Work and Study in New Zealand
There are some kinds of employment that international students are not allowed to do. They are not allowed to be self-employed. They should work as a worker or an employee under an employee agreement and not as an independent contractor. Before any job or employment is offered to the student, employers will check the details of the visa. They will verify the requisite conditions that will allow the student to work.
Work post studies in New Zealand
If an international student wishes to stay on in New Zealand and work after completion of studies, he/she needs the correct visa. Students who have completed a degree or a diploma from New Zealand have the chance to work and gain experience in a field related to their studies.
International students who have achieved a New Zealand qualification may be allowed to gain experience in work related to their studies.
Ways to apply for a visa
When you are applying for a work visa in New Zealand, the following steps are to be followed-
 Post study work visa (Open)- This is an open visa and gives the applicant up to 12 months to find a job in an area relating to the field of studies. Here, the student is permitted to work in any job for supporting himself/herself.
 Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)- This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for gaining work experience for a further span of two years or three years if the work experience is required for professional registration. The job in question here relates to a specific one with a specific employer.
After a student is granted the post-study work visa that is employer assisted, he/she is eligible to qualify for a resident visa in New Zealand under the Category of Skilled Migrant. If the work is an occupation that has skill shortages, the student is permitted to stay on in the nation. He/she has the option to either work with a resident or work visa. During the application process, studies are required to pass both health and character checks.
Contact Overseas Study In New Zealand Consultants
When a student wishes to apply to the top universities in New Zealand for study and work in the nation, it is prudent to take help of trusted and credible educational consultants. Study Smart in Delhi is a popular foreign overseas educational consultant that helps students with work and study visas. The Institution has offices in Gurgaon, London and Kabul. For more details, visit www.studysmart.co.in

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