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There is a Strong Chinese New Year Ahead for Export Agents Sedna International

Press Release: January 13, 2017

The lunar new year is nearly here and no-one is more excited about this than the Chinese company Sedna International as they go in strong for the Chinese New Year. The company proudly offer companies the opportunity to access the Chinese market through their experienced management team and dedicated services.

January 11th 2017

The celebrations for Chinese New Year are due to commence on 27TH January 2017 and is expected to last for approximately 2 weeks. However the Chinese people won't be the only ones celebrating the new year as Sedna International with be going into the lunar new year with huge success behind them.

A spokesperson for the company says "Momentum is strong at the moment. We are really excited for the New Year and are confident that our team of experts can lead more European businesses into further success this year through the Chinese market."

With the Chinese economy on track to become the largest economy by 2020, the company are excited to help even more companies enter the Chinese Market this year. Sedna International who are targeting European businesses, specialize in sales, distribution, customer service, management, legal services and are keen to use their expertise to help businesses grow in the Chinese economy.
The company have had a positive reception too from companies.

CEO Alison D, from London says "We were looking for a way to get our product to grow, we never thought about selling to China until we came across the Sedna International group. With their brilliant customer service and extensive knowledge on legal issues, we managed to double our sales."

To find out more information on the company visit them here: http://www.sednainternational.com/

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