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There are innumerable commercial property opportunities for Nao Group in the UK and beyond in 2021

Press Release: February 22, 2021

While looking at the abundance of real estate opportunities in the commercial property sector, it’s clear to see the impact that 2020 and Brexit have had on property prices.  
“Our strategy has always been to focus outside of saturated city centres, and we are currently looking at some exciting real estate opportunities in Zone 2 outwards in London and regional cities across the UK,” said Panny Lawrence, CEO of Nao Group. “We see a huge amount of potential.” 
Mr Lawrence continues “While we enter 2021 with the pandemic still with us and the UK’s new trade relationship with the EU finally in place, there are reasons to be guardedly hopeful for advancing prospects within the UK. We’re starting to see investment into the London office property market begin to pick-up”. 

Though there is recognition that there may be a higher degree of nimble elements working in the near term, the collaborative and social element of the office will be attractive again. Panny Lawrence explains that “People are social creatures by nature, and they are dying to get back to some form of normality in an office setting. While things may not return to exactly how they were before, the office is definitely here to stay”. 

“Remote working has become the new normal, and coworking spaces like ours are ideally placed to take advantage of the increased need for flexibility,” says Panny Lawrence. He continues, “Nao Group is excited to see what 2021 holds”.

About Nao Group:

Nao Group is a commercial property development company. The company invests in quality real-estate, currently focused on the UK, and transforms it for coworking space. 

Nao Group’s model is designed to meet the growing need for flexible, adaptable working and is particularly relevant in a post-COVID world. It caters for businesses looking to get back to the office but in search of cost-effective, safe workspaces. By focusing on properties outside the city centre, Nao Group enables companies to provide staff with a much-needed environment to work together as a team, whilst avoiding costly central London rent prices and commuting stress. 

As part of its mission to deliver a new, unique form of work environment, Nao Group has incorporated a “lifestyle” ethos into each of its buildings which sees tenants benefit from fitness and F&B services, all under one roof. A key factor of the Nao Group model, this approach is designed to appeal to companies keen to deliver the ultimate in employee benefits.

The company’s management has long-standing experience in facilitating multi-million-dollar commercial real estate projects. 


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