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The young man who proves passion, dedication and drive will breakdown any barriers

Press Release: November 10, 2020

Press Release

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September 2020

An Inspiration To The World

The young man who proves passion, dedication and drive will breakdown any barriers

The coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event whose far-ranging consequences we can only begin to imagine today. Just as this disease is shattering lives, disrupting markets and putting governments under incredible strain, it has already led to previously unthinkable changes in the way we are all working and living. 

Singaporean by descent, 30-year-old Surya has recently completed a long-distance bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with honours, from the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom. Surya said, “I deliberately took the decision to study at a later age after completing my National Service as a paramedic with Singapore’s emergency ambulance service. I’m also intending to further my studies by taking a master’s level course in business to make me as employable as possible!”
During unprecedented times like these, new innovations and challenges inevitably arrive.  And it is often the young and most ambitious people who rise to meet these challenges. Introducing Surya Devan E - a young man who is inspiring the world with his enviable ambition, passion and dedication.

 A quick look at Surya’s Facebook and LinkedIn profile reveal an astounding amount of interests and passions.  Just a few include volunteering, photography, cycling, tennis and yoga.  But topping the list is an impressive part-time acting career. He has appeared in literally dozens of plays, TV shows and films. He states his life-skills are confidence, teamwork and determination.  He certainly has that!

Surya added, “I am doing all this to build my personal brand, meet like-minded people, and hopefully find a good job.   I will consider anything, but I love the health-care sector and feel I have much to offer.”Another of Surya’s proudest achievements was his time working with a boutique medical centre In India.  The main objective of the clinic is the early identification of problems relating to women.“It taught me so much, and I was mainly involved with marketing and creating medical records.”

 As the world struggles to come to terms with COVID-19 and our new ways of living and working, it is encouraging to meet inspiring young men like Surya Devan E.  The future, as they say, is certainly in their hands.


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Name:                Surya Devan E

Email:                 suryadevan1990@gmail.com

Tel:                     +65-9117-2424






India Boutique Medical Centre:


YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCahoW-v0C86xaDi6WshRk2g

Surya Devan E

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