Press Release: July 13, 2016

The Beacon incorporates the best principles of sustainable community living and efficient use of scarce land resource.

The Beacon will be the UK’s only multi-dwelling EPC A+ energy neutral building, utilising zero carbon and low carbon technologies, a unique design to reduce energy loss, indoor arboretum to create clean air, onsite gym and leisure facilities, and a roof garden offering unparalleled views of Hemel Hempstead and surrounding areas.

The Beacon will enhance the character of Hemel Hempstead town centre and be part of the regeneration of the town as detailed in the Dacorum Core Strategy. Buildings such as the ‘Gherkin’ and ‘The Shard’, provide prestige to the City of London.

Iconic developments enhance the character of a town and act to lure inward investment into an area thereby promoting economic growth. It is no coincidence that cities throughout the world such as Dubai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur all seek to have iconic building which attract investment into the city and country. The Beacon will augment and enhance Hemel Hempstead and put to rest its unwanted image as the ‘ugliest town in the UK’.
Energy efficiency

The Beacon utilises LED lighting, A+ rated home appliances, smart thermostats and PIR sensors. Unique insulation reduces internal heat wastage into unoccupied rooms, coupled with zonal underfloor heating for unrivalled efficiency and comfort.

Solar PV

The building features a vertical solar farm, generating 1.14 MW of energy during the day, enough to power the heat pumps and all lighting. Generating 850 MWh annually

Heat pumps

The heat pump system obtains its energy from 1km underground and produces a performance coefficient of 1:12. It produces 1,500 MWh of heat annually, sufficient for the entire heating and hot water demand of the building.

Hydro system

Rainwater is collected in the roof garden and recycled throughout the building as grey water. Water stored in the tank can be released down the building through a hydro generator to supplement the solar panels

Other features
• Full service gym for local residents
• Onsite Coffee shop for residents to socialise
• 272 High Quality dwellings
• On-Site cinema/function room for residents.
• Internal Arboretum
• Automatic underground car parking
• Triple glazing
• 20% reduction of direct energy costs due to on-site generation
• 40% reduction in energy consumption for residents compared to standard flats
• Roof Garden with greenery and sitting areas

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