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The world's first hemp watch, to be released on April 13th.

Press Release: April 07, 2021

On the 13th of April, the Kickstarter for the world’s first hemp watch will launch. Being sustainable and unconventional is at the heart of the organisation and this is evident by their next venture to showcase the scope of possibilities with the super crop that is hemp. 
One of the greenest watches to emerge to the market, Hemp MVMNT watches are more than just a pretty face, they are pushing the boundaries within sustainable materials and modular design. 

Always striving to be innovative, they have pioneered a leading-edge sustainable technology with their Hemp Eyewear, processing hemp fibre into strong and lightweight eyewear frames. The material process itself is as clean as it gets, the only by-product from this process is H2O as water vapour.
This same material has been developed further, for use in the Hemp MVMNT watch cases. With the inherent structure of the randomly aligned hemp fibres combined with high-accuracy machining, every watch is identical while also being completely unique. 

Another rare material that hits all the sustainability buttons is Piñatex by ANANAS. The watch straps are made of supple pineapple leather, meaning the entire watch is 100% vegan. This ‘leather’ alternative is made from the fibre of pineapple leaves that pile up as a direct result of agricultural waste. 

These watches are beautiful inside and out. The partnership with the producer ANANAS enables Hemp MVMNT to offer a range of stunning and colourful vegan leather straps to allow full customisation by the user. Thanks to a quick-release button, users will be able to interchange the straps with the ease of a switch. Another feature that encourages and promotes this ‘repair not replace’ philosophy is the easily-removable gold or silver backplate which, along with instructions, will aid the customer with changing the watch battery themselves. 

By offering their eco friendly support of ‘hempcare’, the company is prolonging the life cycle of their products and pushing the message of sustainability. This is the inspiration behind Hemp MVMNT - a movement towards sustainability and the use of hemp in a wider context. While Hemp MVMNT strives to be as sustainable as they can, their main focus is to showcase the possibilities of eco materials by pushing the boundaries of their uses. 

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