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The White Hart invests in an Octepos EPOS System customised for customer loyalty and E-Top-Up

Press Release: March 16, 2010

The White Hart, a charming country pub, is located in the picturesque village of Headington in Oxford. This 300-year-old institution retains much of its historic charm and, as a listed building, it still has most of its original panelling and doors. Nowadays famous for its beautiful beer garden and for serving a good food and drink menu in an engaging atmosphere, the pub was already a favourite of roaming Oxford students at the end of the 17th century.

The owner, Dan Smaje, acquired The White Hart at the end of 2008. From the beginning, he spared no effort in making his business work efficiently and in giving the best service to his customers.

An essential condition to his running the pub successfully was an upgrade of the previous EPOS terminal. Outdated and unwieldy it was the cause of much wasted time and money, not least due to its being awkward for staff and systematically dysfunctional. Dan noted, The till we had was archaic, it was an old system and every button needed to double up as something else. This meant it was a slow, time consuming process for staff to use it, and even harder for our part timers who would often struggle to remember where things were.

After a time, he also noticed that staff members couldnt record every take correctly, leading to regular out- or over-stock. Stock takes were always problematic and certain stock would be very up, whilst other stock was very down, explains Dan. He needed a system to help monitor each operation at a higher level of detail, to ensure stable stock all the time.

To enhance the previous IT system, he chose the Octepos, a London based EPOS company, to supply The White Hart with an integrated hospitality EPOS system to make his business more successful. The EPOS company put through a complete EPOS solution, specific to The White Harts business.

Several applications were integrated into the EPOS software by default; the Account, Booking and Table Planner modules. The first one gives accurate account information and enables The White Hart to build a customer credit system with determined limits and adaptive discount specific to individual customers. Regarding the Booking module, it offers Dan a one stop, automated booking system, rather than cumbersome manual. Finally, the Table Planner makes Dans front-of-house easier to manage. Indeed, it gives The White Hart a detailed plan of the bar room and accurate information about the status of each table, as order or payment processes.

Dan chose to customise the hospitality EPOS system to a greater degree starting with the adaptation of the Customer Loyalty module to his own reward scheme. He also took advantage of the E-Top-Up service, I was keen to maximise the bottom line of the business. The benefits from incremental revenue streams such as the mobile top-up market seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

The system was delivered with hardware, designed specifically to work in a pub, with an Octepos Touch screen very adaptable for both staffs use and management functions. Dan, delighted with the new IT solution, says It is a system I would definitely recommend to others; its ease of use, especially going into the back office to put on new products which I find it pretty easy, especially with little computer knowledge.

Additionally, he subscribed to the Octepos EPOS Support service. If I do have any problems, I give the support engineer a call and they just talk me though it, and if they cant talk me through it they just do it themselves using remote access though my broadband so its all pretty simple, explains Dan.

Without any doubt, he recognises that the EPOS system provided many advantages to The White Hart, not only exact stock information bringing overheads reductions, but an impeccable service to customers as well.

Octepos is a unique EPOS partner, integrating all payment,
transaction and business services into one easy to operate system. Combining a wide range of services including EPOS, card payments, stock management, customer loyalty and globally accessible business reporting, Octepos frees customers from the burden of managing multiple suppliers by seamlessly coordinating diverse technologies on their behalf.

The Octepos system is built on sister company CES Softwares EPOS platform; a technology developed over 10 years and now found at the heart of some 30,000 businesses in the UK and overseas. Robust and flexible, our systems are supported by a dedicated team of EPOS specialists, software developers and account managers; all of whom would be delighted to speak with you and help with your questions today. Please call 0845 053 5318 or learn more about our Octepos hospitality EPOS systems.

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