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The Weavers Story - Bengal Cotton & Silk

Press Release: March 17, 2016

As the most important craft product of the country, each & every region of India produces a myriad of hand woven fabrics. If the hilly regions produce a large variety of woolen textiles, then the coastal regions in Southern India specialize in the light color textile fabrics. Whereas parts of West Bengal, North East & the West India are the most important silk & cotton weaving centers of the country. Various kinds silk, cotton & silk cotton fabrics are found in these parts of the country.
From the days when Job Charnock dropped his anchor at Cossim Bazar …. days when Mahatma Gandhi picked on the spinning wheel as a concrete example for the nationalistic movement giving new life to the handloom industry of India ….. to the days of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah up to the new flourishing market of the handloom industry ; experience Bengal’s history, heritage, culture, grandeur & valor - not only through the eyes of the weavers. But also through their deftly woven silk or cotton weave with a variety of floral, paisley & other artistic motifs.
India, however had reached a hectic climax in this industry during the British period, but weaving is still a famous & age – old craft of Hooghly, Nadia & Burdwan district of Bengal. Bengal alone was a huge centre of export items. With the division of Bengal many skilled artisans had settled themselves near the banks of Bengal like Hooghly, Nadia, & Burdwan district and began the work of art to slowly unveil the stories behind weaving as a major cottage industry of Bengal and the art famous for Bengal & the rest of the country.

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