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The Walk of Fame: Footwear from Film That Inspired Forever Fashion

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Film and fashion are inextricably linked. Prichard (1981) noted that “the film fashions of today are your fashions of tomorrow.”.

We see a character on screen and automatically develop a need to replicate their style. Back in the early 50s we started to see this concept more prominently — undershirt sales grew when Marlon Brandon sported one in The Wild One and James Dean did the same in Rebel Without a Cause.

When Reservoir Dogs exploded onto cinema screens back in 1992, the world sat up and took notice of the fact that Quentin Tarantino films were definite trendsetters, and they remain so to this day.

From the head to the toe, when you see a fashionable character on screen, well, you just know! The latter of the two, however, is where we’ll focus our attention — the toe.

What footwear fashion has been influenced by stars of the big screen, creating undeniable and eternal trends?

Sandy — Grease

A film that needs little, if any introduction, Grease follows the story of bad boy Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and self-proclaimed good girl Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John).

This 1978 musical is a timeless classic and for this reason it should come as no surprise that so much of the fashion still fits in today. Sandy’s polka dot dress, Danny’s leather jacket, and Rizzo’s violet shirt are all wardrobe staples to this day.

On the feet, however, it was Sandy’s red platform high heel shoes that got women rushing to the shops and tapping their cards — and, inevitably, their toes on the dancefloor.

Calvin — Like Mike

Perhaps more so now than ever before, following the release of The Last Dance on Netflix, we all appreciate the sheer ability and skill of Michael Jordan. In this 2002 film, Calvin (Lil Bow Wow) holds the former Chicago Bulls baller in the highest esteem, utterly idolising him.

Can you imagine Calvin’s awe when he finds MJ’s old sneakers in his orphanage? Better still, they have special powers that allow this young boy to emulate his hero’s success.

While the world watched and wished that they could find the same shoes, many craved the ability to simply wear a pair of these stunning high tops!

They are, simply put, a vibe!

Claire — The Breakfast Club

During a simultaneous Saturday morning detention, five high school students who know nothing about one another have to spend their day together.

Tasked with writing a 1,000-word essay over the course of their nine-hour detention period based around who they are as an individual, the group slowly begin to learn a lot — and certainly more than expected — about each other.

Asides from giving the world an incredible coming-of-age film, this 1985 comedy-drama provided a style that still fits comfortably today via Claire (Molly Ringwald).

We aren’t suggesting that brown knee-high boots weren’t a thing beforehand, but they certainly grew in demand afterwards. Molly’s character Claire teamed the boots with a long skirt, a V-neck blouse, and a thick belt, for those who’re unaware…

Vivian — Pretty Woman

One of the most iconic films of all time, Pretty Woman follows the love story of Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere).

Edward is a high flying, affluent businessman who negotiates some rather dodgy deals. While working in Beverly Hills, he acquires the services of escort Vivian for the week to accompany him to a number of meetings — unbeknownst to either, they begin to develop attraction. “She walked off the street, into his life, and stole his heart.”

And that walk, that has become oh-so-famous in the world of cinema, was completed in a pair of knee-high leather boots accompanied by a blonde wig and a body-con dress. Off the back of that walk, Vivian became a style icon, and rightly so!

Forrest — Forrest Gump

Who could forget Forrest (Tom Hanks) going for a ‘little’ run in the new shoes that Jenny presented to him?

As the world unfolds around him, all Forrest wants to do is run and be reunited with first love — good thing then that he had a comfortable, stylish pair of sneakers on his feet to do so, because once he started running, he just didn’t stop, creating the legendary phrase.  

The sneakers were, for the most part, the star of the show and following the 1994 film, they became an ever-popular choice of footwear.


Well, what have we learnt? Shoes are the key to success, and when they perform well on the big screen, they are destined for the dizzy heights on the high street!



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