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The Underfloor Heating Company Confident About Global Growth of Underfloor Heating Market

Press Release: March 15, 2020

Underfloor heating supplies could be set to become the norm thanks to sustainable energy needs by the world over, to help tackle climate change

Cheshire, UK: The underfloor heating market across the world is forecast to rise to as high as $4.23bn in just three year - or, £3.45bn by 2023 in GBP.

Across the UK, one of the biggest factors which sets the precedent for this growth in the use and installation of underfloor heating, is the UK Government's targets for sustainable home construction as best practice, and to actively reduce carbon emissions. As a result of these new Government heating standards, it is expected that the bulk of underfloor heating demand will be for new home builds.

The Underfloor Heating Company is confident and well-positioned to make the most of this market as both a trades-friendly and public-ready online retail store, established for a decade, offering next day delivery on both one-off and large installation quote enquiries.

Bob Bandos, Lead Sales Engineer at The Underfloor Heating Company, said: "The UK Government is leading the way and looking to achieve more "sustainable energy practice-by-design."

"It looks like they're going to achieve this thanks to the announcement for sunsetting gas boilers for example, as well as creating a series of strong standards to reach, to enable the sustainability in new builds and home builds. Carbon zero is the primary aim," continued Bandos. “Underfloor heating systems are versatile, hygienic, and long-lasting - and can contribute to overall far lower energy costs for billpayers and homeowners.”

Underfloor heating is uniquely positioned as both a historically-proven method for efficient and even heat distribution within a floor space, and as a futureproof way to ensure a new build has higher sustainability. In line with Government goals, an underfloor heating system can be installed alongside renewable energy sources such as solar panels, or air source heat pumps, to maximise energy efficiency.

"Using a smart home system, which is packaged into most thermometers and probes kits can also help make underfloor heating intelligent and reactive, by helping people to monitor their energy usage, and keep their costs down," said Bob Bandos, Lead Sales Engineer at The Underfloor Heating Company.

The Underfloor Heating Company does supply air source heat pumps alongside its underfloor heating kits, in order to allow for trades and the public to make the switch to the most sustainable choice possible.

The report from Markets and Markets discovered the Europe and the UK will see the most increased demand and sales of underfloor heating, as a result of climate change policy which promotes the use of energy efficient heating sources -such as underfloor heating being utilised as a central heating source to replace a boiler system entirely- in both homes and commercial new builds.

North America is expected to see a surge in growth, and was forecast as a major market after Europe.

Markets and Markets, a leading market research firm specialising in full forecasting across almost every industry sector, released their report covering underfloor heating across all global markets.

Bob Bandos, Lead Sales Engineer at The Underfloor Heating Company, concluded: "In the UK, we're looking at one of the biggest markets for underfloor heating. People need a fast way to add value to their homes, which they can achieve with underfloor heating. Even when it's retrofitted, it's still seen as a luxury, and we're in that space where soon it will be a lot more normal -- and even expected -- to have this as your central heating system."


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