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The UK economy is predicted to grow in 2017

Press Release: February 10, 2017

The great news is that the Bank of England has uprated its growth forecast for the UK from 1.4% to 2%. That breaking news has brought an uplift on the stock markets and we even saw a shift in the currency markets as well. “Good times ahead for all’” was the message.

Well, we at The Practice just don’t see it that way and struggle to understand how this is going to be good for the vast majority of small businesses and those start ups requiring funding.

“The banks just don’t see the benefit of lending to small businesses, when they can profit simply by upping their account fees,” says The Practice’s chairman. “The simple truth is banks are not in the risk business and even when presented with personal guarantees they often walk away from their customers denying them the necessary funding to grow their business,” he continued.

There are strong indicators that this policy has restricted the UK economy at a time when it was needed the most.

So where does a small business or start up go when they need that valuable help? The answer is “We are Leasing”, a ground breaking industry first that provides SMEs and start-ups with funding to cover their marketing or launch costs.

Often their cash is prioritised to fund the ’product’ without thinking of how they can get to their customers through their marketing. This funding gap is crucial, however The Practice recognises that not everyone can afford high quality design and brand solutions. Everyone wants them, and they believe everyone should have them.

This industry first enables companies for the first time to lease services, and spread their payments across several weeks, months or even years – with no interest charges applied.
Whether it’s a start up looking to launch, or an established company looking for a particular solution or brand modernisation, through We are Leasing, The Practice is the only company that can deliver high standards of design and quick deliveries, all with a manageable payment plan.

"The Practice has been in business for 10 years and we have endured the hard times and lived through the crashes but we survived them through faith in our abilities and the loyalty of our customers,” says Ian McAllister. “Now we want to give something back and help support all businesses, especially those that have been left out in the cold by their banks, to succeed. We believe that Big Branding is not just for Big Brands.”

About The Practice:

The Practice is an established company with over 30 years of experience in the marketing, digital and design sectors. Past and present clients include both start-ups, as well as established global brands such as Samsung, Sony, Lidl, Marriott and Puma, amongst many others. The company holds bases in London and New York.

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