Press Release: March 03, 2010

Auckland waterside location has fostered the locals love affair with the sea, earning this place the nickname, city of sails. Auckland has so much to see and do- theres plenty of entertainment for few hours, few days or a few weeks. Here is a taste of some of Aucklands unique activities;

RANGITOTTO ISLAND: Sitting majestically just off the coast of Auckland is Rangitotto island. It emerged from the sea in a fiery explosion some 600 years ago and now is an iconic jewel in the Auckland harbor. Rangitotto is the largest, youngest and one of the least modified of about 50 volcanic cones and crates in the Auckland volcanic field. It dominates the local landscape and a visit there is like stepping into another world. The recommended walk to the summit takes about an hour at an easy pace. Lookouts along the way provide stunning views as you climb and a short detour will find you exploring the islands lava caves. Once at the top you will enjoy spectacular 360 degree views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf Island.

KELLY TARLTON, S ANTARCTIC ENCOUNTER AND UNDERWATER WORLD: Plunge under Aucklands waterfront and youll discover spectacular secrets of southern ocean and see the magic of an Antarctic fantasyland, complete with penguins strutting in fresh snow and ice. Then head into a tunnel deep beneath the ocean and come face to face with Sharks and Myriad of New Zealand fish. At under water world, visitors travel on a moving walkway through an acrylic tunnel under the ocean where you are treated to a divers view without having to wear the divers suit. New adrenaline activity- Shark cage- is a unique way to get face to face with the sharks, with nothing but a cage between you and sharks, no diving experience is required. Kelly Tarlton has also welcomed its newest residents -three new king chicks. Take a snow cat ride through the icy domain and catch a glimpse of cute fluffy chicks and their parents.

SKY TOWER: A truly captivating experience awaits visitors to Aucklands Sky tower, offers breathtaking views for upto 80 kilometers in every direction. Travel up in the glass-fronted lifts to one of the three spectacular viewing platforms, or for more thrill and excitement leap off from Sky tower- 192 meters straight down! Sky jump is one of Newzealand, s famous tourist attractions and one of Auckland citys Dont miss experiences. Alternatively walk around the outside of the tower with SKYWALK. Relax with a coffee and light refreshment at sky lounge, enjoy the seafood feast at the Observatory restaurant or dine at Orbit- Aucklands only 360-degree revolving restaurant.

There is always some thing new, some thing more exciting and adventurous to do in this city of sails. Auckland sees thousands of tourists every year to relax and marvel at the splendid beauty and fabulous attractions of the city. Also, flights to Auckland, if connecting of indirect, pass via Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore or Middle East where you can buy some really good stuff at the duty free shops at the airport. Most of the airlines offer cheap tickets to Auckland, especially after recession. Some just offer cheap fares to Auckland on promotional basis or to raise the competition. What ever the reason be, such SALE on flights to Auckland makes it a much better opportunity for all budgets to travel and make the most of it. For more on cheap flights to Auckland form UK see: http://www.cheapflightstoauckland.co.uk/

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