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The time that you eat could be making you OBESE! educogym Canary Wharf debate the shocking claims

Press Release: May 25, 2018

educogym Canary Wharf discuss new reports published have been debating whether the time you eat your meals can actually impact your health and waistline.

One study has shown that women who ate their lunch earlier in the day lost more weight, and those that ate later breakfast had higher body mass indexes. “There is a saying, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. The studies and reports are going along the lines of this, they are recommending eating a larger lunch and breakfast and a smaller dinner before bed. These kind of ideas have been going around for years, no carbs after 6 pm is another, but these studies are based on such small groups of people it is very hard to determine how much factual evidence is in the reports” explained Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

The idea behind the studies, is that many of us don’t have to change what we are eating to lose weight, but simply when we eat it. “As lovely as the idea sounds, it really won’t be that effective to encourage the population not to change their eating habits. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and its getting worse every day, with 25% of the current population currently over weight and obese, and this number expected to reach 50%, I definitely do not think the best advice is simply to eat a bigger lunch and smaller dinner. Education into eating the right foods, balanced diets and for those that need to lose a lot more fat, fat loss diets need to be given. For example, an inactive person eating 3000 calories of junk food a day being told to just eat most of that earlier will simply not get that person, or the population into their ideal health” stated Godfrey Nurse, educogym personal trainer in Canary Wharf.

With many looking for quick fixes and the easy way out, according to educogym, the meal times alone is not going to be the answer. “at educogym Canary Wharf, we get fantastic results for our clients, however we spend a huge amount of time educating our clients on how their bodies work, how their body burns fat, how to optimise our bodies systems to achieve the best results, we educate about the food they put into their mouths and how it can affect them, we train the mind as well as the body and diet. This needs to be done for the entire population, starting at a young age and in schools to start to end this obesity epidemic” said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

The country and the government have a huge amount of systems and plans in place to tackle obesity, but at the moment it is just not taking effect, however if you personally want to change your own life and health, get in touch with educogym Canary Wharf:


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