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The teaser of HWGAR!, a Split Vision promo, it’s on-line: the new horizon of storytelling

Press Release: March 05, 2017

The HWGAR teaser-trailer! it’s finally on-line. "Here We Go Again, Rubinot!", a sci-fi promo, will unveil Split-Vision: an experimental audiovisual system that suggests a new horizon in our way of using audio-visual contents and storytelling.

Everything could be different, as explained by Rubinot, protagonist of the trailer, a droid from another time and perhaps another universe, silent but observant. She watched our technology for years and waited for a sign of the ripeness of times. She waited. Now she’s ready to share with humanity his peculiar vision. No one knows where she comes from. No one knows how she functions. No one sees the way she sees. Until now.

“Move your sight, overtake the screen, turn around and try to look elsewhere.
Beyond. You should.
Split-Vision is an alternative. A possibility. A new horizon.
Beyond the usual path of vision.
A system and a laboratory to experiment with a different narrative, a new articulation of language, a different ambition in storytelling.
Right under our noses, all around us. The emergency of an immersive audiovisual experience without helmets, visors, glasses or wearable.”

HWGAR!, written, produced and directed by cinematographer Giuliano Tomassacci is absolutely the first trailer concerning the Split-Vision project and furthermore will be the first prototype content enjoyable in Split-Vision mode.

Starring Michela Bruni as Rubinot, along with Paolo Parnasi, Anna German, Clarice Ching, Luca Persiani and Francesca Nerozzi, HWGAR! it’s been shot in partnership with Nocte Film, SDM Enterprise and Panta Rei.

The trailer features excerpts of the original music composed for HWGAR! by renowned composer Andrew Powell.

Powell, famous former Alan Parsons Project member, valued music producer for such artists like Kate Bush, Kansas, Elaine Paige and composer of the acclaimed score for the fantasy movie Ladyhawke, is highly active in the concert stage as composer-conductor and in the contemporary scene - with his unique sound and style - as a distinguished arranger and orchestrator.

Prepare to broaden your vision.
Prepare to go beyond your screen’s boundaries.
Prepare to meet Rubinot.


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