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The sweet smell of success for two handmade soap makers

Press Release: July 25, 2015

B Natural Soap Co. was launched in 2015 by two friends with an interest in producing soaps and bath products that are both kind to sensitive skin and contain 100% natural ingredients.

LB Natural Soap Co. would like to develop and launch a collection of natural, handmade soaps in addition to other Bath & Body products such as handmade body scrubs, bath bombs and soap cakes. Our plan is to sell our products online through our web-shop (currently in development) and through market stalls in a variety of different counties for full exposure of the brand. We also plan to attend craft fairs, Christmas markets and other similar events.

"We have always want to work together as we both have an interest in crafts and handmade items. Soaps and bath bombs just seemed like the perfect idea for us" Lesley & Bethany - Co-Founders LB Natural Soap Co.

LB Natural Soap Co. launched on 20th July 2015 selling products online through our shop. We are planning to start attending events at the end of this month and we are also in the process of setting up a local market stall. So far we have had good feedback from our tester market concerning our ideas and our website.

LB Natural Soap Co. have already started developing ideas for soaps as we are currently using a handmade soap manufacturer but would eventually like to make our whole range handmade by ourselves.

We would like to keep packaging to a minimal and where possible use environmentally friendly packaging. We are also 100% against animal testing and most of our products are vegan friendly with the exception of our products that contain goat’s milk, honey or beeswax.

The entire branding and final look of the product is as important to us as the product itself. Each bar of soap is hand cut and stamped with our very own LB Natural Soap Co. logo. Please visit our website and Etsy store to see our current collection of products. This will show you the type of products we sell at the moment.

Our plan at the moment is for LB Natural Soap Co. to become a full time business. We would like to progress into having our own workshop and physical shop, so more of our products can be made & easily stored; this would then enable us to attend bigger events and eventually trade events as we would like to get our products into department stores as well as little boutique shops.

For more information on our campaign visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/organic-handmade-soap-project/?utm_source=www.lbnaturalsoap.co.uk&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=click&utm_campaign=LB+Natural+Soap+Co.+-+Organic+Handmade+Soaps

About LB Natural Soap Co.
Bethany & Lesley are co-founders of LB Natural Soap Co. Both have backgrounds in crafts and handmade items.
LB Natural Soap Co.

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