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The subject of Brexit kick starts 2b Acting’s new ‘Take Action’ interactive series

Press Release: February 27, 2019

The Take Action production takes videos to another level.
The problem with content only videos is that even when the subject motivates you to take action you don’t because it is time consuming to find relevant information and work out the right action to be taken. The Take Action interactive series overcomes this by reducing the time between viewing and action to zero. The interaction allows for immediate access to information as the video is played keeping the issue fresh in viewers minds. In addition, at the end of the video viewers are provided with a direct link to the action to be taken. So, there is no need to think about what can be done.

The production will provide viewers with a variety of meaningful actions over the series giving them a ‘for or against’ choice in the actions that can be taken. Depending on the subject been tackled the action options are various:

• Write to someone in authority e.g. MP, Councillor
• Raise a complaint using a published procedure
• Apply for compensation
• Send an apology or thank you
• Join an organisation or group
• Start or sign an E-petition
• Take part in an event e.g. run a marathon, bake a cake, etc.

From 2b Acting’s perspective, using creativity in this way strengthens artistic involvement in world issues. It enables artists to develop video content that encourages action, as without the right content the idea fails.

The first episode of the show starts with Brexit and asks viewers to take action by deciding which of two E-petitions they want to sign – ‘for or against’. (E-petitions are a way for you to make sure your concerns are heard by Government and Parliament).

Brexit is a serious subject and the video is designed to make viewers think and move them to action. Additionally, when they take action they are rewarded with a QR code action badge to keep or share as proof, so when challenged by future generations on ‘what did they do?”, they can show the badge.

Take Action is a powerful yet simple idea and it’s great to see creativity being used beyond entertainment.

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