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The Spotify Whisperer - No Newbie to the Music Biz, SpotifyPromotions.net Covers All the Bases Interview with Company CEO on the Jason Damico Show

Press Release: June 06, 2020

Mandalay Bay, CA… Music Marketing Company, Web ‘n Retail  (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC)  announces launch of SpotifyPromotions.net* . The Firm has withstood the test of time and trends, as the Company nears its 30 year anniversary. They have provided music marketing services to over 300 Artists, Labels and Distributors.  Their secret?  Honesty, integrity, transparency, communication; and consistent, hard and thorough work. 

Throughout the years  in the forever changing record industry, the Owner, Gale Rosenberg, has marketed 8-tracks, vinyl albums, laserdiscs, cassettes, VHS, DVD’s, CD’s, Enhanced CD’s and Digital Downloads and had the very first reality show on-line (Rock The Strip) in 1994.  The show was coupled with a CD store; and they were the first chart reporters for online sales in Billboard Magazine. 


The obvious next step, they are now fully immersed in Spotify Marketing campaigns. Thus, Web ‘n Retail is proud to present SpotifyPromotions.net*.  Their campaign offers a robust package covering all possible bases, to increase an Artist’s numbers on Spotify. 


Their program results are second to none increasing Client’s Spotify numbers as high as:
+ 1,470,000% in Streams 
+ 43,000% in Number of Playlists 
+ 9,700% in Saves
+ 41,011% in Monthly Listeners
+ 1,300% in Followers  


Recently the Company President, Gale Rosenberg spent some quality time talking with the Jason Damico show (airing on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming platforms).  They discussed the overall climate of the business from past to present to future - which is now in the hands of the top
streaming services. 


During the interview Ms. Rosenberg discussed how their Spotify campaigns  are ALL-IN and fully organic.  They cover all the bases including:  Playlist pitching, eblasting to Indie and Spotify curators, manual submissions to Indie Curators, collaborative playlist placements and BtoC Spotify consumer outreach via Social Media.  Their campaigns run 12 full weeks (unlike any other firms’ offerings) in order to fill the need for their clients to achieve longevity, stretching their budgets and stretching out active campaign results in a wave versus a big spike and then a complete drop-off. 


For more information on their Spotify Promotion Campaign visit www.SpotifyPromotions.net 

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With over 29 years of experience, Web ‘n Retail, the online music marketing division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC; has managed campaigns for over 300 artists on major and independent labels as well as for unsigned musicians.  They also run SpotifyPromotions.netproviding robust services to increase Artists’ Spotify streaming numbers.


The President and Owner, Gale Rosenberg, has years of music marketing experience including positions held at ABC & MCA Records, PolyGram Distribution, Wherehouse Entertainment Corporation and Billboard, Mix, Creem & Thrash Metal Magazines.   Ms. Rosenberg is also an adjunct Instructor of UCLA Extension’s “Entrepreneurship of the Independent Artist” required Music Business certification class and a Guest Lecturer on the topic of Online Music Marketing at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.


*Web ‘n Retail, Rock ‘n Retail, LLC nor SpotifyPromotions.net are not affiliated with Spotify; the website or app. This solicitation is not approved nor endorsed by Spotify USA Inc.  All respective logos and use of names, are registered trademarks of the respective vendor.  Web ‘n Retail (et al) is not associated in any way with this vendor - nor is Web ‘n Retail (et al) a partner nor affiliate of any of the brands mentioned herein.  Web ‘n Retail (et al) lays no claims to their respective logos, names, brand or business.

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