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The SolePath Institute Offers Three New Online Courses That are Developed to Target Stress

Press Release: July 15, 2020

The SolePath Institute offers Three Different Workshops for Stress Relief and Meditation Led by Dr. Debra Ford, MSc.D

[July 2020 – Calgary, Alberta] – Today, with so many people facing unprecedented situations like the pandemic, the lockdown, loss of income, loss of revenue, and the global changes that society is facing, stress levels are at an all-time high. To help counter this, the SolePath Institute is offering three online workshops that are specially targeted at helping one relieve stress and grow during this trying time. 

The three courses include Connect – aDaily Pulse course, which is a combination of meditation and journaling. It introduces a daily ritual allowing one to take small steps towards life transformation and ultimate happiness. This course is based on Dr. Debra’s book “Daily Pulse:Rhythm of the Tao.” 

The second course is Balance – a basic Feng Shui course. It focuses on learning how to make your space more energizing, relaxing, and conducive to making healthy life changes. The course is based on Dr. Debra’s book, “In the Feng Shui Zone.”

And the third course is Flow – a space clearing course. It helps one learn the many tried-and-tested methods that have been used by Dr. Debra for decades. The course focuses on helping to clear their energy, setting intentions, and changing mindsets towards positivity and growth.

Each course is specially designed to help the needs of each individual. Dr. Ford stated, “The courses are designed to help in numerous ways. The Connect course focuses on creating daily rituals in sync and removing confusion to bring habits into everyday life that help you find peace and calm.Removing clutter and balancing energy using the Balance course helps you live the life you imagined, and the Flow course focuses on space clearing that will cause a quick shift if things have been on a downward trend. Space clearing allows new opportunities to manifest and stops recurring problems.

The courses will be conducted online. Interested people can sign up for the courses by visiting the SolePath Institute website. If you have any questions and queries, sign up for the Q and A session by SolePath on Zoom.

Dr. Debra Ford will be hosting the session and will answer all your questions relating to meditation, FengShui, space clearing, and more. The event will be a 30-minute session. The session starts on July 27, from 6:30pmtill 7:00pm mountain time. All interested people will be emailed their Meeting ID and a password before the session begins.

About the Company – The SolePath Institute

The SolePath Institute provides guidance and support for helping others find their path and in their journey to lead a healthier and happier life. It routinely hosts workshops, offers resources and other classes that further this aim.

About the Instructor - Dr. Debra Ford, MSc.D

Dr. Ford is a teacher of spiritual philosophy and has a doctorate in the field of metaphysical science. She is also a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. As an ordained minister, she is also part of the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Ministers.

She is also a published author having written“In the Feng Shui Zone,”“SolePath: The Path to Purpose and a Beautiful Life,” and “Daily Pulse:Rhythm of the Tao.”

About the Courses

Connect - Daily Pulse

Balance – Basic Feng Shui

Flow – Space Clearing

Q and A Session


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