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The Social Shopping Phenomenon - Shop Online With Friends

Press Release: December 08, 2009

Friends play an important role in influencing purchases. Eighty-three percent of online shoppers said they are interested in sharing information about their purchases with people they know, while 74 percent are influenced by the opinions of others in their decision to buy the product in the first place.

Sososher.com harnesses the power of Social Shopping and Customer Reviews by allowing members to leave not only traditional written reviews but also video and picture reviews of the purchases they have made, allowing other members to make a more informed purchasing decision. The website offers a unique way to shop online with friends via the Shopping Buddy tool so that you can interact with other members, add them as friends and share product recommendations.

The way consumers shop online is changing, no longer do online shoppers rely on recommendations given to them by retailers, they now make purchasing decisions based on recommendations and reviews given directly by friends and people who have actually bought the products and can offer a completly impartial review.

The power of a product recommendation given to you by a friend or someone who has bought the product and used it is immeasurable, a friend may strongly suggest that you go to a particular holiday resort but not to visit a particular restaurant based on the experience they have had, they may suggest that you buy a particular mobile phone on a particular network as the reception and signal they receive is far better than that of another network. Buying via a recommendation from a friend ensures that not only will you be told the positive points but more importantly the negative which is something a retailer will never do. Sososher members have the facility to give a full a detailed review of products they have purchased highlighting things such as the good AND bad points, look and feel and if they recommend the product or service they have purchased.

Some of the key features of Sososher are:

Social Shopping add shopping buddies, interact with other members and share product recommendations.
Cashback receive cash back on your purchases at over 2,000 stores.
Video/Picture Reviews along with a written review upload Video/Picture reviews of purchases you have made, giving members the opportunity to make a more informed purchasing decision.
Promo Videos watch retailer promotional videos

Social shopping combined with Cashback; Sososher adds more value to what it already has on offer. With the current recession still causing many of us to tighten our spending, the website and its perks couldn't have come at a better time. Its free to join and thankfully there are no tedious forms to fill in, bank details to give or contracts to sign.

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