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The sky’s the limit for A1 Metallising Services

Press Release: September 09, 2015

Sydney- 9th September 2015 A1 Metallising, a successful Australian-owned thermal spray company, is set to implement SAP Business One in the cloud with Sapphire Systems.
The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mitch Bonett, said the decision was made to host the new ERP system so the organisation was able to access data on site at customer premises.
“Using the cloud-based Sapphire Anywhere platform seemed like a logical choice, as we didn’t have the internal knowledge and expertise to implement a cloud-based system in house. This will also free up my time so I’m not on constant call should there be any hardware problems back at the office,” Mitch said.
A1 Metallising designed and implemented its own custom-built business system over 30 years ago. However the solution was not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system, so Mitch said a decision needed to be made.
“We had to either re-write the system from scratch, or look for an alternative, more up-to-date system. We didn’t want to re-invent the wheel, but we considered several well-known products. SAP Business One appeared to be more customisable to our needs, with a user-friendly interface, which seemed easier to learn and operate. This gave me confidence that the migration would be as seamless as possible for our end users,” Mitch said.
Mitch added that he expects to see a number of benefits once the system is implemented.
“I envisage a more streamlined and efficient CRM system, with enhanced reporting functionality, which will ensure our administration is more up-to-date and efficient. Hosting the solution in the cloud will also offer us numerous improvements on our existing system.”
When it came to selecting an implementation partner, Mitch first became aware of Sapphire after attending an event.
“I attended a Sapphire Masterclass in Sydney, which offered advice on how to select and implement a new system. The team demonstrated their implementation procedures, and I was satisfied that a partnership with such a well-established company made more business sense,” Mitch said.
Sapphire’s Senior Vice President for the Asia Pacific, Paul Rowan, said cloud ERP implementations are becoming increasingly popular, regardless of business size.
“Many small and medium sized businesses don’t realise that hosting their system in a multi-tenant environment is quite an affordable option, and our Sapphire Anywhere platform is a unique offering for our clients. I am confident that A1 Metallising will streamline their operations as a result of the implementation, and we look forward to helping them throughout that journey,” he concluded.
Find out more at: http://www.sapphiresystems.com/en-au/solutions/sap/sap-business-one

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