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The SKT project: an extended gallery worldwide, with no borders

Press Release: May 16, 2020




SKT it’s a new exciting project with the aim of create a scattered gallery all over the world. We strongly believe that art can save us and we want to give artists a new, innovative way to showcase their artworks.

Our aim is to create a community of art lovers all around the world, with no borders.

We are dealing with an unprecedented situation, with galleries closed, and we didn’t want to leave artists alone. Staying locked in our homes, we thought about giving the artists a technological opportunities to showcase their artworks through virtual exhibitions: the first one is called #ARTMUSTGON and it runs for 1 month - June the 1st / July the 1st, 2020 on our homepage www.sktgallery.com

We don’t want to imitate the feeling of the real gallery, but to give the artists a more contemporary way of express themselves and connect - respecting social distancing rules - with an international audience.

We are creating a new circuit of unusual locations to make them be our extended gallery worldwide - as soon as the lockdown is over. We are ready to set up and run exhibitions in more than one location in Europe on a budget, to give more artists, more opportunities to be in the spotlight and to be seen and sell their artworks. 

We are already getting ready with the 2nd virtual exhibition and we won’t stop: art can’t stop!

#ARTMUSTGON selected artists (not complete): Davide Quaglietta, Dex Hannon, Inta Gloda, Laura Hepworth, Sandra Menant, Shelby Fleming, Silvia Yapur, Silvia Di Ruvo, Sofia Shireen, Gabriele Gennari, Emilie Floury.

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