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The short film C.A.N.I on media

Press Release: December 08, 2017

Since halves of November, Javier Ghoma has been echoing his new project: the short film C.A.N.I - The story of a rude boy. The news has not only been disseminated in Spain, the country of origin of the project, but also in France and now, it is present in the United Kingdom. Soon, it will be broadcasted by British film festivals where, of course, its version subtitled in English will not be absent.

In addition to this version, the project also has a version subtitled in French, a 35 minute version and a fourth extended version of 34 minutes with additional content never seen. Ghoma presents his most ambitious work, especially noted for being the best received by critics, so far. The trailer, whose progress has already exceeded 40,000 views on YouTube, does not stop its dissemination among a wave of praise and positive criticism by the general public.

It's premiere yet to be determined, will take place at the beginning of 2018 at Girona Cinemas. C.A.N.I will be sent to several film festivals inside and outside of Spain. A possible television interview is rumored not far away, where Javier himself will tell the most characteristic details of his new production.

Synopsis: Kevin is a spoiled young man who lives his day to day in a troubled neighborhood, where violence is the only acceptable language to survive. His life would soon take an unexpected turn, as he finds himself in a crude dilemma between the local police, and a dangerous criminal who goes in search of him.

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