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The SharePoint Initiative Cutting out the middle men in consulting!

Press Release: March 03, 2010

The SharePoint Initiative, a UK based Consulting organisation, has decided to take the collaborative aspect of SharePoint one step further and create a Microsoft Certified Consulting Community, which when combined has the ability to challenge the most well known Consultancies out there.....and they plan too!

A conversation about the rise of SharePoint, its new momentum with the release of SharePoint 2010 and to who the technology could be of use, led two consultants to also reflect on the barriers which prevent it being applied in a wider range of situations. It was concluded that this collaborative technology was often being held back by the over inflated cost of the consulting services often needed to implement it effectively.

They identified that the key to reducing the cost of a SharePoint Implementation, or any service related to it, was to Cut out the middle men and reduce unnecessary fixed costs by ditching the highly paid sales teams, inefficient workflow and impressive headquarters and instead focussing on a way to facilitate getting the most applicable SharePoint Consultant working on a Clients project without having to compromise due to availability issues or the impact of such fixed costs.

The Guys at SPI say We are shaking up the Consultancy world with this model but see it as a natural evolution and one that is a long time coming! Too long have quotes for this work been disproportionately high in comparison to the daily rate the consultants actually receive. We aim to not only cut costs for the Client by, on average, 1/3rd but to also get a better rate for the Consultants who have actually bothered to get their MCTS SharePoint certifications.

For additional information on The SharePoint Initiative, how you can become a member or of course enquire about the services they offer email info@SharePointInitiative.com or visit www.SharePointInitiative.com

About The SharePoint Initiative:

The SharePoint Initiative Ltd are a Specialist Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy which follows a Community based business model to streamline its approach, saving its Clients money and earning its member Consultants a more appropriate rate.


The SharePoint Initiative Ltd
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