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The Secret to a Clean House? Don’t Let Your Children in It!

Press Release: October 15, 2019

Ahh finally the weeke- Oh, your child has just hit her head off the edge of the coffee table and is screaming. The other is spinning in circles with paint covering his face. Isn’t it fun being a parent? And you stop and wonder how Mrs Hinch keeps her house so perfect whilst having a newborn and a dog…

https://www.fairwayrock.com/ have come to be your Fairy God-Cleaners and help you get back on top of your house! Here are our top 5 cleaning products to help you mums & dads out!

5. Mykal De-Solv-It Universal Stain Remover 100Ml

Your one-stop-shop for removing all tough stains such as paint or Bolognese, and for only £2.74 making it even better!

4. Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner 750Ml

We are letting Mr. Muscle come to the rescue on this one! You probably already know him, and know that he can help save your house from dirt, grime, spills and all. Get this top brand multi-surface cleaner now for only £2.99.

3. Persil Professional Non-Bio Tablets (Pk-160)

With kids seems to come endless washing! And with endless washing comes endless purchasing of washing up liquid and tablets in big plastic bottles. To help you, this pack of 160 non-bio tablets will keep your clothes clean as well as keep you going for a good few months. And as a plus, is better for the planet!

2. Ecover 3775 Toilet Cleaner Pine Fresh 750Ml

We know that Mrs Hinch loves her pine toilet cleaner, but do you know we have one that is EVEN BETTER?! Ecover triple action toilet cleaner cleans, decalcifies and freshens and has no petrochemical ingredients so is much safer to use when children are around the house!

On a side note, if you love this brand like us, we also have other products from them such as their liquid hand soap and dishwasher tablets available to purchase.

1. Mr Sheen Professional Polish 400Ml

Mr Sheen 4 in 1 Multi Surface Polish is a quick and convenient way to clean and shine your wood, glass, plastic, stainless steel, mirrors and much more. It’s versatility makes it perfect for cleaning a house thoroughly.

Let us know in the comments some of your other must-haves!

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