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“The Saxon Twins:  Book One of The Needle and The Sword” by Helen M. Stevens is published

Press Release: February 28, 2020

 ISBN #978-1789557275


“The Saxon Twins:  Book One of The Needle and The Sword” by Helen M. Stevens is published


About the Book:

Twins Wulf and Aetna are born at the beginning of the “Long Peace”, the reign of King Edgar I, in the 10th century.  But although the fledgling nation of Englaland remains untroubled by war, the young King’s personal life is turbulent and troubled.  Drawn deeper and deeper into the orbit of the Royal Family of Wessex, the twins soon find that Wulf may have to wield his sword in earnest and that a needle may be put to more bloody use than Aetna’s peaceful pastime of silk and gold embroidery.

About the Author:

Helen M. Stevens is the author of twelve best-selling non-fiction books featuring her own unique style of embroidery - which has its origins in the England of the Anglo Saxons. Work with the British Museum and the York Archaeological Trust fostered her passion for the 10th century.  Based on historical fact, her first novel introduces the family whose patriarch was to inspire J. R. R. Tolkien's little-known work "The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth".

Visit her website www.helenmstevens.info


Excerpt from the book: 

“Desperation made her impulsive.  ‘Lord, a purring cat gives more pleasure than a spitting one… You need not be so rough.’  She stopped struggling and looked at him boldly, with what she hoped was an inviting smile.  He lowered the knife and for an instant his hold of her elbow loosened slightly.  It was all she needed.  Twisting in his grip she ducked under his arm and flew away toward the castle gates, on the far side of the open square.  Within a couple of strides, he had caught up to her and made a grab for her wet rag of a cloak.  As it tore from her body, she tripped and sprawled to the ground, an agonising pain shooting through her knee.  The smaller man made to step on her hand as she tried, on all fours, to regain her feet.  As he put out his foot to do so he tripped his companion, the big man falling hard and swearing obscenely.  The others in their party were laughing and urging on her tormentors, though some, she could hear, were placing bets on her chances of escape.  With her last ounce of energy and courage she lurched away from the entangled limbs of her attackers as they tried to rise and headed for the castle door.  Her unsuccessful attempt at entry was witnessed by all of us…

That was there I came into the story, and from there on we knew how it had ended.”

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