Press Release: December 13, 2020

14th December 2020

This is an on-line interactive game which comes in a variety of mystery tales. It has been created as a response to the absence of works Christmas parties this year. It will go forward into 2021 to cater as a substitute for other social gatherings. In the first instance TSWH has launched a pantomime.

The setting is a popular pub in the south of England, and features a cast of regulars with all that you would expect from these types of characters. There are obvious romances going on. Regulars at the pub who know all and have seen all. Some who should know better and some who are full of mischief.

But where Donald’s trousers have gone is a mystery that players set-out to solve in this particular game. Other games are to include classic murder mysteries located in country houses and on baronial estates and in some more exotic locations such as travelling carnivals, fairs and bazaars.

The Sanguine Writers House is a collective of theatrical writers who currently wish to remain anonymous, but will be revealed in time. Can you guess?

Are the scripts by Christopher Brookmyre, Clare Mackintosh or Erin Kelly?  Just a few of the great crime writers of our era.

In this first edition we are treated to the scripting of an author who goes by the name of:  Pipolai Nomzki.

Curtain up!

Further information can be found at: https://www.tswh.co.uk/

A percentage of sales will be donated to the charity MIND and other mental health charities.

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