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The RurBan Village: Helping People Connect with Rural India and its Traditions

Press Release: December 01, 2017

In the pursuit of becoming modern, people have forgotten the significance of India’s rural plethora. Villages, the local communities and the sects of people who remain undiscovered. Most members of our society have long since become familiar with distant, popular locations in the country for travelling, sightseeing, engaging in activities with family members and friends.
India has a lot more to offer than the usual tourist spots and though there has always been a persistent desire for people to connect with other communities and regions, there simply hasn’t been a platform or avenue that caters this to the public. The RurBan Village is an initiative that aims to do just that, help people re-establish their roots in Rural India and reconnect with the customs and traditions that they may have forgotten or never known.
The Concept of ‘The RurBan Village’ is to enable those who are willing, to meet and interact with local, rural populations. To allow them to learn the customs, traditions and rituals of the region and interact with the flora and fauna. All this can be achieved and much more while the visitors are treated to a variety of activities and sources of entertainment-the likes of which can’t be found in a city or tourist spot. You can experience all the positive aspects of Rural life, partake in whichever activity or outing you’d prefer, all with the comfort of being guided properly and learning new things.
At the RurBan Village, you’ll not just have a meaningful experience and interaction with the often less experienced Rural section of India; but your visit will leave mark in your life. We, at The RurBan Village strive towards ensuring that the rural villages in our country are not forgotten, but embraced by young and adult members of today’s urban societies. Through an assortment of activities and trips, we encourage all travelers and tourists to be a part of our vision.
● The RurBan Village offers ethnic accommodation for you to explore the rural culture and villages. A stay at these accommodations, will give you the opportunity to take part in a number of activities and rural sports that can help make your trip equally enjoyable, as it will be educational.
● You can meet rural artisists and villagers who will help you with the activity you opt for. You can choose a variety of activities such as pottery lessons, how to spin cotton with the traditional ‘Charkha’, the basics of operating an Atta Chakki, how you can churn Milk and other such traditional activities.
● The RurBan Village offers you a chance to enjoy a variety of rural sports. There are a lot rural activities on offer that you might have a faint recollection of or have either tried out before, but the sheer bliss of doing them with your friends and fellow travelers is incomparable.
● Depending on what your taste is, your RurBan Village guide will help you sail through your choice of activity. The RurBan village also offers all the guests the option to go for urban activities in the very same village surroundings. For instance, if you would like to, you can go for water sports like river crossing, Best Picnic Spots, boating, or go for wall climbing, riding on ATVs, etc.
● Despite all these activities that you will get to do at The Rurban Village, we will ensure that your attention never strays from cultural enrichment. You will get to connect with all the rural aspects of the village you are visiting and staying at with us. As part of the entire ‘Save Nature Initiative’, you can witness and partake in green activities like Organic Farming, Drip Irrigation, Solar Light and Energy, etc.

About The Company:
The RurBan Village is an Initiative that is empowered by the ‘Sahas Foundation’, a non-profitable Trust. True to what Sahas Foundation believes in, the RurBan Village is committed to forming a model of self-sustenance for Rural Areas through exposure to Urban dwellers and tourists. This in effect is an attempt to, promote the traditions and rituals of Rural India and push towards promoting Rural Tourism in India.
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