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The Role Of MTF Testing In Production Of Lenses That Meet Your Or Your Client's Application Needs

Press Release: November 21, 2020

From media to medical applications, lenses are vital product components that help produce accurate images of a wide array of subjects. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that these lenses are indeed capable of performing such an essential task. And the best way of doing so is by subjecting them to the so-called MTF Testing.

What is an MTF measurement

MTF means modulation transfer function. Experts consider this as the most comprehensive means of measuring the performance of lenses. This parameter has two main components: resolution and contrast.

Resolution. In its simplest definition, resolution is the ability to distinguish the details of an object. The higher the resolution is, the clearer and more crisp the images would be.

Contrast. Also called modulation, contrast in imaging refers to how the intensity values of a subject are transferred from the object plane to the image plane. The higher the contrast is, the more defined the tones of the images would be.

Piecing these components together, MTF is a parameter that measures an imaging lens’ ability to transfer contrast at a certain resolution. The task of an MTF chart is to create a visual representation comparing the contrast and resolution of the lens involved, with a lens that is considered "perfect" (i.e., it's capable of transmitting light 100%). In the chart, the vertical axis plots the transmission of light while the horizontal axis plots the distance of the image center towards its edges.

Generally speaking, when the lens being tested produces a high and a flat line, the images produced by that lens are of higher quality -- they have better contrast and resolution.

Why It’s Important to Measure MTF

Beyond the technicalities, MTF testing is important for one prime reason: It guarantees the ability of an imaging lens to produce a crisp and defined image.

This test has a universal application because it provides an objective measurement. It's direct and versatile, compared with other testing methods. So whatever your end product is, this test gives you an accurate picture of how capable your product is in capturing and producing high-quality images.

Today, there are different ways in which MTF can be measured. Commercial testers are available in the market to help manufacturers determine how capable their lenses are. Usually, manufacturers already provide the MTF statistics of the lenses they're offering, giving end consumers the data they'd need to compare their products with their competitors’.

By also providing a quantifiable measurement, you and your clients will be able to determine if the lenses meet the requirements you'd need for your application.

An Expert in MTF testing

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