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The Rock Savages Podcast Interview w/ Grunge Photographer Lance Mercer

Press Release: May 28, 2020

The Rock Savages Podcast presents:

Grunge Photographer Lance Mercer

Akron, Ohio — May 28th, 2020— The Rock Savages Podcast has just released a new interview with Seattle native, Grunge Photographer Lance Mercer.

Lance Mercer grew up in Seattle Washington in the early Eighties and developed his skills as a photographer by taking pictures of his friends rock bands. Little did he know that some of these local bands would be become some of the most successful rock stars of a generation.

The Photography of Lance Mercer can be seen on iconic album covers from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. He toured with Pearl Jam in the early nineties just as the band’s popularity was exploding. He documented his time with the band in two books- “Place/Date” and “5x1 Pearl Jam through the eye of Lance Mercer”. His work can also be seen at Morrison Hotel Gallery today. Subscribe to The Rock Savages Podcast anywhere you listen to your favorite pod- casts today! Link to the episode here:

http://rocksavagepod.com/vinylblog/2020/5/27/ep81-our-interview-with-seattle-photog- rapher-lance-mercer

Lance Mercer Discography:

  • Album cover- Pearl Jam “Ten”

  • Album cover-Soundgarden “Ultramega OK”

  • Book: Place/Date

  • Book: 5x1 Pearl Jam Through The Eye of Lance Mercer

  • Photos: Morrison Hotel Gallery

For Release Time May 28th 2020

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