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The road to success with BTL Group

Press Release: January 01, 1970

At year 2006 the company Business Travel Leisure came out on the market of business tourism and MICE services. All the difficulties of entering freshman on the market, it overcame yourself, persevere to lead. Now it's a successful stable company, which is a leader in the CIS and Central Europe among service company of corporate clients in the MICE services, has high standards of service quality, a strong corporate culture of motivated and loyal employees.

In 2012, the company set out to become the undisputed market leader in the CIS, Eastern and Central Europe, to create a group of international companies united under the brand BTL and MICE specialized in providing services consisting of owned offices and offices working on the basis of an agreement on franchising. Thus was formed a chain of companies BTL Group, whose strategy is to combine efforts to promote market chain participants, using the centralized structure of the BTL Group, a joint database of suppliers and customers and optimizating costs of marketing activities. The Members of BTL Group not only get a lot of advantages, but also make their services unique - thanks to the experience of other participants and as a result of market adjustment proposals, because in such chain all based on mutual support and mutual benefit. Also, the uniqueness is achieved through the ability of individual approach to each client. So what is more profitable - to act solely on his own behalf or on behalf of a chain? This question can not be answered unequivocally, because each of the solutions -how must to act a company - has pluses and minuses.
On one side, the work on their behalf - it is better, as the company itself goes to his success, encounters various obstacles but get invaluable experience that might make her a strong leader in the market. Also, these companies are responsible for the results of their work. On the other side - it's a minus, because in a volatile market environment the stability of the company - a very important component, and have the support of the partners of the chain or the combined group - the key to this important indicator of the company.
By the experience of Business Travel Leisure can be said that by creating a chain of all the participants went up in the ratings market companies business and MICE-tourism services, and the chain itself BTL Group - steadily and purposefully going to be a leader in the CIS, Eastern and Central Europe .

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