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The rise of financial technologies and where to put your money.

Press Release: July 15, 2020

The last few years have seen an emergence of many different companies employing modern financial technologies. However, many young investors tend to make the mistake of being driven by sheer novelty and putting money in whatever seems to earn them quick returns. The cryptocurrency craze has shown why it’s so important to distinguish between a true investment and a simple speculation tool, as the crash of the Bitcoing bubble resulted in great losses that have still not been recouped. 

To make a true worthwhile investment one needs to identify the companies that are employing new financial technologies in ways that will revolutionize the financial world to an extent similar to how Apple and Microsoft revolutionized communications. There is one startup company that intends to change the world by creating an interconnected platform for banking and remittance, capital-raising, funding and trading on a distributed ledger. This company is called Konzortia Capital and might very likely become the next home run opportunity for investors. 

What is a distributed ledger? 

A database of transactions shared across multiple locations and actors. It requires peer-to-peer networks and consensus algorithms to allow nodes (devices) distributed amongst individuals, institutions or sites to replicate digital data on transactions. It allows for greater accountability on transactions with lesser overall costs. 

This may sound as an unbelievable and almost impossible project, but so did enterprises like Microsoft and Apple when they were in a startup face. Those who had the vision to invest in such project as they were gestating are likely some of the world’s wealthiest people as of this day. So, if you’re still wondering how you can diversify and grow your portfolio with financial technologies, look no further than Konzortia Capital. 

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