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The Pro Guide To Applying Fake Nails

Press Release: October 11, 2020

Do you wish you had long, beautiful nails that would catch everyone's eye, but your own nails just won't grow? Your best bet is to cover your real nails up with fake ones.

Fake fingernails can be found at any good drugstore, often for less than $5, which is much more reasonable than getting acrylic nails put on at a nail salon, which will probably run you at least $30. In this article, we'll teach you all the steps to putting on fake nails perfectly.

Step 1: Start With A Clean Slate

Before you apply fake nails, make sure your real nails are clean, just as you would if you were going to polish them. Use a nail polish remover to remove any polish you may have.

Step 2: Find Fake Nails That Fit

Fake nail sets usually come with several sizes for each finger. Go through the entire set and find the ones that fits the size, as well as the shape of your real nails best.

And just in case you are unaware, fake nails too, can be filed down, just like real ones. If you find that some of them are a little too wide, all you need to do is to simply use a nail file to make them to the right width.

Step 3: Apply Nail Glue, And Then Glue Them On

Applying fake nails is a process that should never be rushed through. Hence, you should take your time and glue them on one at a time (if you want to get salon-like results).

Here's what you should do: First, turn the fake nail over so the concave side is facing up. Apply only one, very small drop of the glue to the back, somewhere in the center. Then, gently place it over your real nail so that the edges of the fake nail are near your cuticles, yet at the same time not touching them.

Step 4: Press On Your New Nails

Apply gentle pressure to each nail for a few seconds after you have glued it on. While doing so, you need to take care and make sure that you do not leave any bubbles of air between the fake nail as well as the real one.

Remember, you're going to have to put on for all ten fingers. Therefore, you'll need to apply glue onto one nail, press it on, then repeat the process (of applying glue, and then pressing it on) for all your ten fingers.

Step 5: File and Shape Your Nails

After you've finished the gluing process, use a nail file to file them to your preferred shape.

In Conclusion...

If you've followed all these steps and done a good job, no one but you will know that your beautiful nails aren't real!


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