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The Princess of Wales uses comprehensive Octepos EPOS system to offer loyalty cards and customer SMS

Press Release: April 15, 2010

Whilst blessed with a loyal local following, the Princess of Wales is also a perfect meeting point in Merton for any motoring clubs on rides out heading South West out of London, with parking for 40 vehicles. Moreover, although the landlords of the pub, Amanda and Paul, are proud of their three draught real ales and ten bottled ales, they don't only cater for beer drinkers. They stock a large range of soft drinks as well, suitable for the designated riders and drivers among the group. Furthermore, they organise garden parties and BBQ packages to suit all club sizes and all times of the day.

Of course, whilst a sharp eye for special events and audiences will help any pub lift enhance its revenue, in the current climate no one can afford to take their eye off the day on day savings and efficiencies that make the difference over time.

Therefore, to help their business run smoothly, Amanda and Paul chose from the start to employ Octepos, a London EPOS supplier, to provide the pub with a comprehensive hospitality EPOS system. Being experienced in this domain, Paul has always trusted in such systems to manage key operations, report and record key data, and significantly improve customer experience and has benefitted from reduced costs and boosted sales as a result.

One of the reasons to bring Octepos in was that they not only wanted the standard EPOS system for pubs and clubs, but for some extra services as well, as Paul explains, We obviously use the Stock Management system, the Customer Account Management, the Customer Loyalty modules. We have also added the Text Messaging module and we use integrated card payment as well. Everything works fantastically.

Whilst the Stock Management module gives back office accurate and reliable information about stock variations, the system also draws up sales reports and charts, profiles every customer and gives the opportunity to reprint old POS receipts or back office invoices. Thanks to the business management reports, I can see sales and profit evolution. I know what Ive got in stock, and it brings up a record of every operation, continues Paul.

The owners also invested in Octepos integrated card acquiring software. Processing both credit and debit card, it records every transaction amount, consequently helps reduce key errors, edits automatic end-of-day and improves the transaction speed.

In addition, the Princess of Wales wants customers to enjoy personalised services according to their profile. For that reason, they recently started a loyalty card scheme. Paul, very satisfied about it, says, It makes it easy to track every customer transaction and, outside of service, do the analysis to check our impressions are accurate. This new system gives us the ability to set up appropriate customer discounts, special offers and society days. We also use the tills text messaging to promote new offers and to give exclusive news to our customers.

The management team also opted for the Text Messaging module. It allows them to send SMS text messages to their customers mobile phone to inform them of next events or special discounts. Paul confirms, We market upcoming events, new coming real ales or promotions for our loyal customers. The messages can be written directly from the back office or EPOS system.

To conclude, Paul gave his opinion on the overall system, In terms of my general satisfaction our EPOS system scores pretty high. It is reliable, it doesnt demand any work of it, and it helps massively in controlling the great majority of the business. For example, handling stock is very easy for staff to use and saves us tonnes of time and headaches. I guess the main benefit is the efficiency of the system, the money it saves us, but it does go deeper than that. The customer loyalty and promotions side makes us a lot of money too.

Octepos is a unique EPOS partner, integrating all payment, transaction and business services into one easy to operate system. Combining a wide range of services including EPOS, card payments, stock management, customer loyalty and globally accessible business reporting, Octepos frees customers from the burden of managing multiple suppliers by seamlessly coordinating diverse technologies on their behalf.

The Octepos system is built on sister company CES Softwares EPOS platform; a technology developed over 10 years and now found at the heart of some 30,000 businesses in the UK and overseas. Robust and flexible, our systems are supported by a dedicated team of EPOS specialists, software developers and account managers; all of whom would be delighted to speak with you and help with your questions today. Please call 0845 053 5318 or learn more about our Octepos hospitality EPOS systems.

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