Press Release: September 14, 2018

A Google search for the term- “Internet of Things” currently provides approximately 1,53,00,00,000 results and the count is proliferating day by day. The connection between the smart home wearable devices and the connected automobile is changing the way how we live and work. IoT has become a part of the popular parlance as it has made life easier, comfortable and better in general. It is estimated that by the year 2020, 13 billion refrigerators, thermostats, televisions, cameras, lights, smoke detectors, kettles, security cameras, etc. will be connected to the Internet.

In the coming years the world will witness IoT in a completely different manner in comparison to what it is today. It is a green field market where in each player may have a new business model, approach and solution. A recent study and IoT Solutions & Service Providers shows that the combination of data analytics and IoT-enabled devices and sensors is helping us in fighting air pollution, detection of deadly viruses, improvement of agriculture and food supply, etc. in some of the world’s biggest cities.
A research evaluates that by the year 2020 the count of IoT devices will reach nearly 25 billion. The following section elaborates how:

Improved Transport System

IoT will lead to a major reduction in the time spent in traffic. There will be spotlights with video sensors that will adjust their greens and reds based on where the cars are at a particular time of the day. This will reduce congestion and smog because when vehicles wait at signal, they burn up to 17% of fuel in urban areas.

Healthy Lifestyle

With Top Internet of Thing Company IoT people will be able to check the functioning of their vital organs and record their personal fitness goals. Using IoT development solutions it will be easier to monitor elderly patients as there will be smart diagnostic devices in the form of wrist watches, bracelets, rings, etc. These devices will also possess capability of reminding patients to take pills, remotely check blood pressure, originality of drugs, etc.

Self-Driving Cars

One of the most popular IoT trend that will fascinate audience tremendously will be self-driving car. Tesla has built such cars which are currently under testing. These cars will be soon available for purchase.


The future we seek is not too far and is quite better than what we conceived. IoT and Mobile App Development Company are working dedicatedly in finding solutions to every day’s worrisome problems. Hopefully, IoT will create a convenient and safe future.

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