Press Release: August 24, 2016

The online services of classified ads are praised all around the globe. This praise is got because of some major advantages such as internet facility, availability of space that is more than other mediums, user friendliness etc. All of these advantages help to get the benefits of online classified ads.
This article is being written about the facts of superiority of online classified ads over the print media of different mediums.
• There are different reasons for which online medium is getting superiority over print media. A normal human being has not the capability and affordability to read the newspaper on daily bases. He cannot even pay for that. When he will not be able to pay for the newspaper then how is possible that he will read the ads that are published in these papers. All of these ads are about to buy and sell anything in Dubai. The very reason of this superiority has been known to the mob.
• Another reason for which classified ads are getting superiority over print media is that newspaper gets outdated and rotten after a day or a single. The case is different with online ad posting. For example, one has to give ad of used furniture in Dubai; he can write whatever he wants in online classified ads. While on other hands, if he has to give ad in the print media, he will have to go for it. It depends upon the reader whether he will read it again or will leave it after a day.
• Another factor of the superiority over print media is that newspaper is printed in one’s mother language. If any expat wants to read the ad, there are rare chances that he may know the language. It becomes tough for him to know that what is being said in the ad? While on other hand if same ad is given through online resources, expats from any country or any state can change the language with option given and read that ad easily. It is much convenient for them because they can read it on a single click on their phone.
• One can post as many classified ads as he wants because he has not to pay high amount in return of it. Many websites like free classified sites in Dubai are doing a great job for this purpose. You can get thousands of ads from the people who are running this business.
These were some of the reasons for which online ad posting is getting popularity over print media.
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