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The power of Geolocation App in the hands of Internet

Press Release: January 25, 2017

We all know that Google Maps has brought a revolution in the field of technology. Today is the age of mobile applications; or you can say geolocation based apps as well. Thus, after the google maps, there are geolocation Apps that can help you find your location, that too by providing more user-friendly features. Geolocation app presents the data to the user based on the current location of the user. In simple words, we can say that Geolocation App is used for the identification or estimation of real world geographic location of an object like smart phone.

For this reason, the trend of geolocation app has densely ingrained in the mobile application market. Geolocation can be used entirely in an application service or as a part of it extended as an additional feature to make it more advanced.

Technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System), Assisted GPS, Cell ID, WiFi, Geofencing, etc are used to make a mobile app having geolocation feature. Geolocation is one of the sensor that an Android and an iOS device features. Each of these sensor’s data can be used to provide enchanting experience to your users.

LetsNurture’s team of expert developers is pro at implementing interactive and intuitive geolocation apps for your business. Using geofencing, the geolocation apps can be used for the following:

Farm/Land Monitoring
Maps and Navigation
Location based marketing
Tracking stray cattle
Asset tracking
Moreover, Geofencing for tracking criminal movement
Vehicle Movement
Livestock tracking
Rental Vehicle Movement
Municipal Bus System
Elder Care
Warehouse Operations
Geosocial Apps
Weather Forecast Apps
On-demand Services
Health and Fitness Apps
Lifestyle and Hobbies related apps
Travel Apps
Time based and Memory App
Social Networking and Dating Services
Apps for Local Experts and Real Time Knowledge
E-commerce Apps
Apps for offline businesses
Augmented Reality and Games

LetsNurture helps you to sign your business up to participate in location based app development services using the geolocation, and to do so, you need to list your business address with various services such as Google Places and that eventually allows your customers to know about how to get to your business.

How LetsNurture can help?

At LetsNurture, we are having a team of developers who are pro at implementing intuitive geolocation based mobile apps for your business. Our portfolio of Mobile Application development for iOS and Android will assure you on the scalability of our work. You can get your own customized geolocation app from any part of the world. Why not request a quote for your geolocation app today itself? If you have any queries regarding our location based app development, then do ping us at [email protected]

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